Police apologise for McConville inaction

Following an investigation by the Police Ombudsman, the PSNI have apologised unreservedly for the failure to investigate the abduction of Jean McConville properly or to act on conflicting intelligence after her disappearance.

  • Glen Taisie

    Return the bodies of the Disappeared


  • John Maynard

    I predict that a subject which embarrasses both Shinners and cops will generate remarkably little comment on this site.

  • tiny

    the most remarkable thing I heard today was that in the year Jean McConville lost her life so did another 470 odd souls,

  • Fanny

    According to her son Michael today, she was taken away by a man who’s now a prominent Sinn Féin councillor.

    I wonder who that might be.

  • Dave

    Jean McConville will not be forgotten.Her death has not been in vain. What has happened to this lady highlights to the rest of the world what level Irish republicism will sink to in order to achieve a united Ireland.

    After thirtyfive years of murder there has been no change in the Irish republican ethos.

  • lib2016

    Nice to see the shroudwavers make their predictable appearance and their equally predictable comments. Anything to avoid facing up to the decision they have to make in November.

  • Fanny

    So you can identify that councillor then, lib2016?

    Give ‘s a clue, do.

  • Irish in America

    You’re the one with the name, Fanny. Out with it.

  • lib2016


    Why are the posters on this thread refusing to discuss the subject of this thread viz. RUC inaction?

    Doesn’t fit your agenda?

  • Fanny

    “You’re the one with the name, Fanny.”

    If I had the name why the fuck would I be asking for it?

  • Irish in America


    I was assuming you were asking a rhetorical question.

  • Fanny


    No. I’m (a) not from Northern Ireland and (b) too young to remember the murder.


    “viz. RUC inaction”

    I’d have thought it was obvious. The RUC were useless as a police force. Still are.

  • Oilibhear Chromaill

    According to Nuala O’Loan’s statement, no soldier was killed or fatally wounded in the Divis area of Belfast around the time of Jean McConville’s abduction. A soldier was wounded in the thigh EIGHT DAYS AFTER her abduction.

    Where does that leave the oft told story of the mother of ten being killed by the IRA for comforting a dying British soldier outside her door? The line appeared today in a BBC report on Nuala O’Loan’s statement.

  • maura

    “Where does that leave the oft told story of the mother of ten being killed by the IRA for comforting a dying British soldier outside her door? The line appeared today in a BBC report on Nuala O’Loan’s statement. ”

    Good question.
    The blame for Mc Conville’s disappearance and death lies solely with those who carried it out. Whatever questions the fanily want answered should be answered, some attempt needs to be made to give this family some peace.
    However, if the inept RUC failed to investigate it properly, questions need to be answered as to why this happened. Is it because they were too busy? Under-resourced? Is it because she was from Divis?

  • Irish in America

    The “killed b/c she helped a dying British solider” story was fishy from the start. Of course, the “dead” British solider (or Mrs. McConville) can’t speak up to confirm the story. Obviously, the IRA killed informers/suspected informers, but I don’t buy them killing a mother for simply helping out a severly injured/dying solider. Mistakes were certainly made by them, but this story fit too well for the British.

  • bob

    i would like to point out i am appaled at this murder of an innocent woman. However i would like to know what informer in the IRA was being protected by the RUC in this circumstance. We have seen this many times during the troubles its not only a loyalist thing.

  • Pete Baker

    Given what the Ombudsman has to say about the intelligence report received by the police at the time..

    The RUC intelligence files also show that the police later received two separate pieces of information from military sources which suggested that Mrs McConville was not missing:

    The first was received on March 13 1973 and suggested that the abduction was an elaborate hoax. The second piece of information, which was received 11 days later, said that Mrs McConville had left of her own free will and was known to be safe.

    And given that the information tallies with the rumours being promoting by the PIRA around that time, there would seem to be some more questions to be asked here.

    More importantly, I’m looking at all the reports online, and I can’t see one particular piece of information which was, as I recall, reported earlier on the broadcast media – namely that three suspects were arrested and questioned about this.. in 1996.

  • Daisy

    For Mrs McConville to have been abducted and murdered and her family shattered by the IRA she must’ve been a real threat as a tout. The only way she could be a real threat is if she knew a lot of stuff about the IRA and the only way she would know the really good stuff is if she was a member of that organisation. So perhaps we could be told what awful thing she knew that merited this response?

  • lib2016

    Nothing merited the death of this poor woman. Whether she was an informer as alleged by Moloney among others, or not, nothing excuses her murder. As a republican supporter I’d just like to make my position clear.

  • Irish in America

    This whole story is sad, any way you look at it. However, what really gets me is ALLEGEDLY her kids were left alone for 5(?) days, after she was taken, without anyone even checking on them.

  • Harry Flashman

    I think some people here forget what 1972 was like, Northern Ireland’s society came damn near to breakdown, conditions in the working class estates of both religions verged on feral.

    The RUC was utterly demoralised and on the point of collapse, communal lunacy was taking hold of whole swathes of society. The idea that social welfare teams and community support groups would have just rushed in and helped this family is simply naive and the fact is that this poor woman’s disappearance would have been little more than a blip on anyone’s radar in the middle of the ongoing chaos.