Policing: the latest ‘elephant in the room’…

Policing raised its head several times at West Belfast Talks Back last night. The PSNI’s appeal to be allowed to use tasers was the focus for a lively discussion on the (mis) use of plastic bullets and CS gas. It was also siddled around a question from a Falls Road woman who asked what the panel could be done about young teenagers (ie those around twelve years of age) drinking on the streets, saying that she was both ‘afraid of them and afraid for them’.

  • spice girl

    i thought CJD was going to take care of that or is it CRJ?

  • aquifer

    A lot of young people in west belfast lost their schooling and future out of throwing bricks at the soldiers and hijacking cars. Will the next generation lose theirs to drugs knives and ‘Bo?

  • Mr Kelly

    I thought the whole Talk Back event rather tame last night.The predominantly Nationalist/Republican audience is so pleased to have Unionists in attendance them that challenging or sharp exchanges rarely happen. The exection was the exchange between David Ervine and Raymond McCord.

  • McGrath

    12 year olds’ drinking.

    This is indicative of an enormous social problem.

  • slug

    I am astonished that CRJ was not discussed.

    Very suspicious.

  • Moochin photoman

    Having completed a series of wshops recently in the Shankill, i found it disheartening to say the the least, when in group discussions as to the content of the project, 8, 9 and 10 year olds were able to discuss and describe in great detail how to make bongs, to roll joints and what their fav drink was!
    I accept that some of this may have been bravado in front of their mates, but the fact remains that these kids had knowledge far beyond their years and their innocence of youth has been stolen.
    With 10 years experience dealing with all sorts of groups and individuals, this was a shock to me and whilst not the norm, it is indicative of the C Coy feud that blighted the Shankill when the area was flooded with drugs.

    Hmmmm submit word…society25. Perhaps it will take that long (25yrs)to fully address these issues!

  • Keith M

    McGrath “12 year olds’ drinking. This is indicative of an enormous social problem. ”

    Society my arse, this is down to bad parenting.

  • Flapjack

    I was there also Mick and found it completely depressing – the question on underage drinking and another on ‘what would you like NI to look like in the future’ showed the absolute lack of political ideas from all the politicians there. The only person who had any ideas on either subject was Nuala O’Loan.

    Equally depressing was the fact that Gerry Kelly announced he and his views ‘hasn’t changed since I was in the IRA’ and no one batted an eyelid. A point also made on the night by David Ervine.

    Interested in views of anyone else who sat through it.

  • kensei

    “I am astonished that CRJ was not discussed.

    Very suspicious. ”

    Or maybe it isn’t an issue for the people there?

  • Northsider

    I wasn’t at the event, but the plague of underage, feral kids in the north and west is down to one thing and one thing only: bad parenting.

    Chatterers will throw their hands in the air, screench and dribble at the mouth with indignation. Social issues, environmental factors, deprivation etc. etc.

    It’s bad parenting. No example is being set, no attempt to teach right and wrong.

  • Canaan Banana

    having left NI twice in the last three years for what I hope is a different society. I sometimes reflect on the society I have left in contrast to where I now live. We all fail to take responsibility for our society..we continually ask the politicians/police/government in fact any one who will listen to our bleating ‘what they are going to do about it?’ If kids of 12 are rolling joints and drinking on the street their parents need to be prosecuted…simple as that…until they raise their children with a sense of right, wrong and dignity.

    I don’t think CRJ is an answer, as it attempts to create a two tier legal system, which must ultimatly will be enforced by the community…and not I feel in a nice way. Ultimatly any legal system relies on the threat of force, ie. If you do wrong you will be physically brought to justice for punishment. Who in CRJ is going to enforce that, the paramilitaries? (On a separate thought I think the police could reintroduce PE for a lot of thier members as Chief Wiggam no longer seems to be a humourous construction in comparison to them!)

    Well thats my €0.02