Belfast News Letter to be printed in Portadown..?

ABOUT 75 jobs are to go after News Letter owner Johnston Press announced it would be closing three of its presses in Northern Ireland. As the company also owns Morton Newspapers now, it seems fairly likely that the News Letter will be printed at Morton’s modern presses in Carn Industrial Estate, just outside Portadown.

  • Rory

    it seems fairly likely that the News Letter will be printed at Morton’s modern presses in Carn Industrial Estate, just outside Portadown.

    And quite appropriate too! At last it finds its natural home. Belfast is fast becoming too too Fenian altogether.

  • dantheman

    Damn right, we wouldnt have a Newsletter about the place up here in Beil Feirste!!

  • eranu

    maybe it’ll be renamed the ‘portadown news letter’ 🙂

  • Low Country

    Don’t forg4et the Derry Journal as well

  • scoop

    I here it is the Irsih News that will be printing it!

  • Belfast Gonzo


    I was looking forward to the first Berliner size News Letter…

  • dantheman

    To be honest I don’t see the need for the news paper to even print out anything. Here is how you make your own news letter:

    -Log onto
    -Open Word
    -Copy body text
    -Paste to word document
    -Write “we agree” or “yes, absolutely” at the end of each article.
    -Back to word, type SPORTS SECTION
    -Log onto
    -Copy body text
    -Paste to word document
    -Write “what about our wee country” or “900 screaming Linfield fans can’t be wrong” at end of each section
    -Back to word, type “LETTERS SECTION”
    -Copy letter from 3 months ago, change writers name from “ANGRY UNIONISTS” to “CONCERNED BRITISH ULSTERMAN”. Leave rest of letter intact, perhaps change name of relevant UUP/Sinn Fein councillor under attack
    -Back to word, run spellchecker
    -Replace Northern Ireland with “Ulster”, Ireland with “island of Ireland”. Ensure the phrase “province” or “integral part of the UK” occurs once every sentence.
    -Remind reader that they are British at least twice per paragraph
    -Ensure at least one cheap attack on the Republic/nationalists in every article, no matter how unrelated to article
    -Photoshop visit of obscure royal family so that more people appear in background. Replace cloudy sky with sunshine
    -Put a picture of Ian Paisley on the cover, print and distribute

  • eranu

    didnt know the newsletter featured so much about a Christian school “in the Temecula Valley of South Riverside County” in, i think, the US of A 🙂

  • dantheman


    How was I to know Linfield would to stop their domain with this christian school WHILE I was writing that last post???? Mopery of the lowest form..

  • dantheman

    stop should read as swap….doh again!!!

  • eranu

    “Mopery of the lowest form.. ”

    huh? i think someone got out of bed the wrong side this morning! im just having a bit of fun. too early in the morning for nasty posting!

  • Anon

    I see the News Letter have given up on their Belfast Today website
    Shoddy operators

  • Rory

    Maybe its time for a revival of the Northern Whig. At least Pete Baker and Fair Deal, among others, would be assured of a platform for their talents.

    They could rename it:

    Not Belfast Today

    with a little slogan of editorial principle underneath:

    “Turn back the clock to the good old days”.