It’s their fault

The Chairman of Antrim County GAA, John McSporran, has confirmed that the Hunger Strike rally will go ahead despite the Central Council ruling. John McSporran argues that the event is not only non-party political but would be viewed by:

“…the vast majority of clubs, if asked, would consider this a non-political event…In order to try to ensure that no dissent within the association in general, we brought it to Central Council’s attention. We also made it clear that before any decision was taken that they needed to be aware of what the opinion in the six counties would have been, and due cognisance of that should have been taken into consideration.”He blames the central GAA authorities for the situation as they had since February to decide on the event but only did so two weeks ago. They sought permission because of controversy over the 20th annversary rally. This too was held at Casement and the Irish News at the time claimed that the Antrim Board may have been fined £15,000 for that event. Meanwhile, Nationalist commentator, Tom Kelly adds his voice of criticism to the event.