Equality Commission taken to task for under-representations

DUP councillor Charlie Tosh has attacked the Equality Commission for its under-representation of Protestants and men alleging discrimination while Bob Collins argues the EC is “frustrated” that so far efforts to deal with the imbalances have been unsuccessful. However, not have they failed to improve the situation but in terms of protestant representation it has been getting worse (see below). So far none of the standard under-representation approaches have succeeded in solving the imbalance, any ideas of what the EC and employers in similar situations can do now?This problem of Protestant under-representation has existed since the Equality Commission was established in 1999 and dogged its main predecessor the Fair Employment Commission. In 2001 (Page 95) the percentage of workers from a Protestant background were 43.4%, by 2004 this had dropped to 40.2% and the latest FoI figures show a further drop to 38%. (There are not similar reporting requirements for gender balance so those figures are unavaiable.)