Asleep at the wheel 2?

Only Sinn Fein and the DUP (here, here, here and here) have responded to the SEUPB consultation about the Peace III and the new cross-channel and cross-border Territorial Co-operation Programmes. Programmes with a proposed budgets of over 200 million euros. Neither the UUP MEP, Jim Nicholson, the UUP, the avowedly pro-european SDLP nor any of their representatives made any individual submissions to the consultation (deadline was 26th June 2006).

  • aquifer

    It would be good to have some record of the work our representatives do or do not do.

    An electronic voting system at Westminster, like the [a href=””]Welsh assembly[/a], could also help show who votes for what.

    The whips may like to see them herded like cattle through the lobbys, but then again revenge is a dish best served cold.

  • na

    It is fair to note that Jim Nicholson (as brown as a berry) returned from his holidays to attend the extended conference of presidents (don’t ask, its a pointless meeting) meeting on the ‘middle east’ He may not care about a funding package for his constituency but he came back from holidays to raise the issue of the IRA during a European discussion on Lebanon.


    You can easily trak youre MEPs’ croll call otes if you think it matters.

  • na


    Or in betterish English……

    It is very easy to keep tabs on elements of your MEP’s voting record on ‘controversial’ issues if you have the time and will to trawl the crap EP website. (admittedly they don’t have to reveal how they vote most of the time)

  • yip

    To be fair, sometimes responding to government consultations isnt the best way to exert influence. Most of the time they arent worth the paper they are written on, especially with this current government who appear to have ‘consultationitis’.

    Going direct to the Minister can sometimes be the best and only way of getting your point across. Anyway,the SEUPB, given their record over the past number of years, have to do what the SOS or in this case what governor hain want.

    There doesnt appear to be much difference between the 2 Jims on this issue anyway.

  • pith

    Anyone seen Bagpuss?

  • rapunsel

    yip, I’m sort of with you on this one.

    Those politicians responding to the consultation are merely making sure it has been noted by others that they responded. At least their public response allows the rest of us to critically analyse their position. SEUPB is open to serious and ongoing political pressure in private as regards the allocation of peace funding from politicians of all hues. Dirty Jim has been involved wrt false allegations he made against a prominent community organisation.

  • fair_deal


    This might interest you as well

  • Bushmills

    Why no UUP submission?