A positive sign?

The number of punishment beatings in the first six months of this year have dropped 67% with the comparable period last year. The drop is because of the PIRA ceasing such attacks and a 44% drop in loyalist attacks too. Still little compensation for the 22 people subjected to such attacks (19 by loyalist and 3 by dissident republicans).

  • Aodh Ruadh

    Excellent, lets hope it continues…

  • Rory

    Well at least there is a qualitive, as well as quantitive, decrease in loyalist and dissident republican attacks. It’s good to see that, when the IRA leads by example, others follow.

  • bob

    Do you think our unionist politicians will do much shouting about these figures? The UUP’s armed wing is now carrying out more punishment bearings than sinn fein. that’s a turn up for the books

  • Gum

    A very positive sign. For all the talk of human rights following the Good Friday Agreement, I always felt it was too removed from the communities where the majority of HR abuses take place. A strong campaign on how HR are applicable on Belfast streets should follow these new numbers.