Slugger Fantasy Football League: Open to All

Having secured Mick’s blessing and in the interests of providing some light relief, I have set up Slugger’s own Fantasy Football league for the coming Premiership season. The league will be open to all contributors, with the only proviso being that the naming of managers and teams be done in good taste (else you risk being banned from the league.)

The rules of the game are clearly explained on the Fantasy FA Premier league site.

Simply register your username and password, then set about purchasing a squad of players from the money available. When this is completed, select League icon to join the Slugger league, whereupon you will be asked to enter a Code to gain entrance to the league.

The code for The Slugger League is as follows: 275765-48351.

Once you have entered this, that’s it: you have entered your team into the league. You may also enter your team into any other league at the same time, or at a later stage.

Throughout the season, you can make as many changes as you want to your team, selling and buying players (so long as you can afford it.) Whilst this can freely be done up until the first day of the season (19th August), once the league begins, you will be limited to one ‘free’ transfer a week, with any additional transfers resulting in 4 points being deducted from your team per purchase.

I don’t want to be a killjoy, but I would stress that it is very easy for me to delete teams. I will only do so if people choose to register sectarian or paramilitary titles for their clubs and/or managers. Whilst silly club names are not a problem- indeed actually should be encouraged- I see no reason in allowing someone to enter a silly name for themselves as manager simply because no one will know their Slugger identity. However, anyone wanting to preserve their identity should be entitled to do so, but I would ask them to use the same nom de plume they do when contributing to Slugger as it will make for a more interesting league.

Good luck to all!