Oh Happy Belfast….

It may be wet and overcast (though I’m told the weather was great last week – aye, right!), but according to Catherine Morrison in today’s Irish News, Belfast has some of the happiest citizens in these islands… (subs needed)

…residents of Ireland’s second city are more optimistic than people anywhere in Britain. Despite the city’s troubled history and reputation for bad news, 94 per cent of its residents said they were “hopeful” about tomorrow, beating 31 British cities to the top of a poll.

  • circles

    Hmmm well, if you start at the bottom the only way really is up.

    Anyway Belfast – fair play to ya, and keep smiling!!!

  • Pete Baker

    As with all these polls, Mick, especially those that rely on entirely subjective opinion [btw there’s a BBC report here too] a large grain of salt required – then there’s the National Lottery angle involved too.

    But at first glance my instant take was that the perhaps surprising optimism in Belfast is not despite the past, but more likely because of it.

  • Garibaldy

    I’d say any city with pastie suppers can only be happy

  • na

    I reckon we would have done better if it wasn’t for that; ‘glass half empty’ and it was cracked and it was only rain water and it was cloudy and it was warm and it was..Pete Baker 🙂

  • Pete Baker

    Drink up, na! ;op

    *sips half empty glass of cabernet sauvignon*

  • circles

    Is that a pint glass Pete?

  • na

    Now that I know Pete is an afternoon drinker it all starts to make a bit more ‘sense’.

  • SlugFest

    “Now that I know Pete is an afternoon drinker …”

    … but clearly not a ‘happy drunk’.

  • The Devil

    Odd, with all those happy people, I rarely see a smiling face in the course of my perambulations around Belfast….

  • Garibaldy

    Maybe the smell of sulphur makes them feel sick

  • The Devil

    … and maybe the survey is bollocks.

  • smirkyspice

    i’m pretty sure i’ve smiled at a few devils

  • Pete Baker

    Oh, I am a very ‘happy drunk’, SlugFest.. it’s just the getting there that annoys me ;o)

  • DK

    Oh come on you wingeing bastards – anyone who has lived here for the last 10 years has noticed that the place is improving and getting much more fun to live in. There is a fucking tepanyaki bar now for fucks sake. And W5 – anyone who has kids will know how excellent this alone is.

  • The Devil

    Sure, DK, everything has improved, so explain all the Lurgan spades that pass for faces in Belfast.

  • DK

    “so explain all the Lurgan spades that pass for faces in Belfast”

    What do you mean – what is a “Lurgan spade”?

  • Moochin photoman

    “He has a face on him the length of a lurgan spade”

  • Dk

    “He has a face on him the length of a lurgan spade”

    Well stuff them, miserable sods. Belfast is getting better. Although it’s not as good as Dublin, where there is at least some sort of italian style passerata (sp? – it’s that sort of promenade that people do in the evening up and down the streets)

  • circles

    “There is a fucking tepanyaki bar now for fucks sake.”
    Is this a reason o be happier? Being an ignoramus I have no idea what tepanyaki is, bif it brings a mile to yer bake, fire away.

  • bertie

    is the f word in the description of the bar relevant or is it purely for emhasis. If the former could this be a factor in the happiness?


    I don;t know what it is either!

  • Pete Baker
  • circles

    How could that ever beat a jar of mussels and a pint of guinness?

    I thought we’d hit heights / depths with the caffe latte mania – well if thats what makes people happy I’mm all for it. Can’t wait to eat my tepanyaki whatever and sip on my latte in an eatery of some kind beside eastwoods bookies in castle street…….. or maybe I’ll just stick to the Guinness.

    (the code for this one is love37 – groovy!)

  • The Devil

    The Devil,

    My oh my where do I start?
    They say imitation is a form of flattery, that may well be the case but I personally find pale imitations an insult, you sir are a pale imitation.
    If you wish to bore the pants off the general public go and copy Pat (the muppet) McLarnen, Christine (Done for) Donnelly or the “dirty” Dubliner that way no one will be confused in the posts as they will all be the same “TRIPE”

    If this is some childish rouse in order that I respond so you can isolate a dynamic IP or sub-mask because you have access to sluggers main frame go ahead knock yourself out…lol but I would have thought it would have been easier to just phone Martin and get it off his handlers.

    Thank you THE REAL DEVIL

  • Garibaldy

    If you’re the real devil, is the other one the provisional one?

  • smirkyspice

    oh happy Belfast!

  • The Devil


    There is, there was, and there only ever will be one DEVIL

  • The Devil

    “Posted by The Devil on Aug 05, 2006 @ 02:48 PM”

    Could somebody please decipher this post for me?

    Or if the poster has access to mind-altering drugs that make him happy could I have the mobile of his dealer? I’d like to be as insane as that.

  • Sensible

    Have you been there recently?
    Over priced, smug and increasingly racist behind the ‘melting pot’ facade.
    A city that has succumbed to cash but has no substance.

  • Penelope

    yea… if we go by the posts here on Slugger happy to argue and whinge 😉

  • dantheman

    “A city thas has succumbed to cash but has no substance”

    Good lord, the words pot and kettle leap to mind. It may be richer and true a lot of the pubs turned in to wank bars, but that trend has stoppped and there are still more than enough of the old style bars about on the north side

  • smirkyspice

    no shortage of devil’s advocates (who are they calling us happy!?)