UDA “discussion” on north Belfast…

ABOUT 200 people – mostly women and children – told the mainstream UDA leadership that its “interim leadership” in north Belfast is “nat wanted” in Ballysillan leisure centre tonight. This discussion, ostensibly to prevent an internal feud, seemed more motivated about getting a local leadership the local loyalists are happy with (rather than the team imposed by Jackie McDonald) and preservation of the local UDA men, rather than having the malign influence of terrorists removed altogether.

  • k

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  • aquifer

    Preventing loss of family privilege and income, more like.

    Who in the hall was going to speak against these clans of sectarian gangsters?

    It’s the PSNI’s job to harass these gangs until they collapse. What is the UK’s permanent anti-terrorist legislation for otherwise?

  • DaithiO

    These days we still hear of people being sent to prison for membership of “The IRA”.

    The UDA is also a proscribed organisation yet the members and ESPECIALLY the self styled “Brigadiers” are able to operate with impunity. The police know who they are, FFS even the Irish presidents husband plays golf with them !

    Just throw the lot of them in prison then peace may have enough oxygen to actually last !