Boosting Ulster-Scots academic and business links

Scottish Deputy Minister for Enterprise and Lifelong Learning, Allan Wilson, has called on Scottish businesses and universities to build linkages across the North Channel.

  • Nestor Makhno

    Makes a lot of sense. The huge ‘gravity well’ that is London and the south-east of England (and increasingly Greater Dublin) dwarf the economies of Scotland, NI and the north of England.

    The en vogue idea of polycentric regional development would suggest merit in cities like Belfast, Glasgow and Derry throwing their lot in together if they’re to have any chance of competing for investment against the south.

    Again – as was rasied in a thread on Slugger yesterday – the future is going to demand more focus on regional co-operation and less dependence on some national adminstration to sort things out for us. They won’t.

  • Shuggie McSporran

    Fair Deal

    I had to laugh at your headline.

    The jist of his mission is to “raise standards and improve learning, trade and enterprise opportunities on both sides of the Irish Sea.” as well as “help mutual understanding of our different cultures and beliefs”.

    You may chose to interpret the main thrust of this as being academics getting together to discuss if you pronounce it “fae” or “frae”. But he’s isn’t particularly calling for closer Ulster-Scots/Scots academic links anymore than he is calling for closer Irish/Scottish Gaelic academic links.

    Resarch and development, and mutual understanding is more up his street.