“a valuable contribution to protecting and promoting equality”

The Secretary of State for Wales and Northern Ireland, Peter Hain, has re-appointed 9 members of the Equality Commission for a further 2 year tour of duty [after the usual rigorous application of the public appointments procedure by the NIO, no doubt – Ed]. The 9 were initially appointed in 2003.From the NIO statement

Announcing the appointments Peter Hain said: “The Government’s vision is to see an equal, inclusive society where everyone is treated with respect and where there is opportunity for all. The Equality Commission is crucial to this vision and I am therefore delighted to reappoint these Commissioners, all of whom continue to make a valuable contribution to protecting and promoting equality in Northern Ireland.

“I met with the Chief Commissioner Bob Collins recently and I know he has been very impressed with the skill, knowledge and commitment of all the Commissioners.”

The nine Commissioners have been re-appointed for a further period of two years from 1 August 2006.

The reappointed members of the Commission are

The reappointed Commissioners are Anne O’Reilly (the Deputy Chief Commissioner), Annie Campbell, Brian Carlin, Eileen Evason, Tom Haverty, Michael Rea, Audrey Simpson, Lady Daphne Trimble and Derick Wilson.