Adams: we will wait and see…

Mark Devenport interviews Gerry Adams, and kicks through some of the key issues facing the parties going into 24th November. On Paisley and the Executive, “…that’s the only thing he can veto, everything else he can’t veto”. . Interestingly he does concede that it is Sinn Fein’s job to try to pursuade Unionism of its own bona fides. But given a busted November deadline, he states that, “Sensible unionism may then engage, but we can’t wait for them”. And on whether his party would then switch its energy and focus to the Republic, “It’s not an either/or situation. Although the Assembly is sited in Stormont it is locked into an all Ireland structure. If the DUP want to wait until 2010, this place with be a very changed place”. He noted that on council level the DUP has already conceded major issues like powersharing.

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