The Provo money trail

The Sunday Life highlights ongoing investigations into PIRA moneylaudering.

  • Fanny

    Yes, money talks. But PIRA money evidently talks lauder 😉

  • james

    The Sunday Life !!

    Come on lads.

  • lib2016

    He! He! This is the best they can do? There are certain political parties in a banana constitutional monarchy not far away from here who are undermining their whole system of government by selling seats in the Legislature and Slugger is worried about an unproven anonymous leak about possible enquiries into shadowy allegations that un-named individuals may be involved in dodgy moneylending.

    Remember – armed loyalists were massing on the streets in parts of N. Belfast last night. Haven’t the security services better things to do than spread this sort of nonsense?


    A double whatabout from Lib2016, well done.

  • lib2016

    “A double whatabout….well done”

    Praise from the experts! Aw,shucks……! I’d just like to thank my mother, my children and the entire crew of Sluggerites. I really couldn’t have won this award without all your support.

  • heck

    come on fair deal–what’s this –the latest unionist excuse not to share power with fenians?

    We had the weapons –they are gone
    we had allegations of criminality–hain say’s there’s none of that
    we have even had –he called us Nazis

    in the last few days we have had from you

    they know our address

    and now

    some unnamed PSNI/UVF members says they are investigation allegations of money laundering

    give it a rest–these are just excuses.

  • Prince Eoghan

    Thought you were here as a politico FD. All these silly stories undermine your credibility.

  • colm

    can i make up webpages alleging Fair Deal’s involvement with loyalist paramilitaries and dodgy cash? i’ll get unnamed sources to say that the PSNI are investigating it, and then get the local Shinner to trot out the standard yarn.
    because let’s face it, if rubbish like the above article can be posted with a straight face (not that i’d expect anything else from FD), then at least my article must be in with a shot, right?

  • harpo

    ‘Secretary of State Peter Hain’s remarks are being treated with scepticism in security circles. He suggested the IRA was no longer centrally involved in directing crime, and that senior Provos may be directing criminal gangs in a personal capacity.’

    If the PIRA IS no longer centrally involved in directing crime, does that mean that it WAS in the past?

    Do we accept this view?

    Or are there those among us who still stick to the ‘the PIRA never engaged in crime’ mantra? On the basis that even if an activity is normally crime, it isn’t if the Provos did it. Thus a bank robbery is not crime when the PIRA carried it out, as in the Garda McCabe incident.

  • harpo

    ‘we had allegations of criminality–hain say’s there’s none of that’


    That’s not what Hain said, and that isn’t what was alleged.

    There are facts about PIRA criminality, the allegation is that it is still centrally organized by the PIRA. Because it used to be.

    All Hain said is that there is no evidence that it is being centrally organized. But it’s still happening.

  • heck

    blah blah blah

    come on harpo, what you really mean is “we don’t want to have a government with these upity fenians”

  • Mick Fealty


    It would be much more useful if you could attack the content of the article, rather than having a go at the man/men. And it would be within Slugger rules too!!

  • Ex UUP

    come on harpo, what you really mean is “we don’t want to have a government with these upity fenians” =- HECK

    No heck its jus the fenian terrorists and criminals we wont have a government with

  • lib2016

    “we won’t have a government”

    Unionists will never again have a place in any government. Just maybe after re-unification the local Northern parties may be able to re-invent themselves but it’s increasingly looking as if the SDLP will have to be rescued by a takeover by Fianna Fail.

    I hope that it’s not sectarian to point out that if the DUP are too hot for the British Conservatives to touch they are hardly likely to appeal to either FF or FG.

    Unionists seem to me to have manoeuvered themselves into a cul de sac. If/when they make the compromises necessary to join the mainstream they will split their electorate. They may have decided to go into opposition rather than brave the accusations of ‘Lundyism’.



    You’re like an irish republicn version of little orphan Annie

    Tomorrow, tomorrow, the sun’ll come out tomorrow, our day will come tomorrow…..

    Any day now, all us prods are going to awake from this false consciouness, the orange scales will fall from out eyes as collectively we fall to our knees and ask Gerry Adams for forgiveness.

    Keep dreaming mo chara.

  • heck

    ex uup “No heck its jus the fenian terrorists and criminals we wont have a government with”

    That is exactly my point. You don’t think fenians have the right to elect those they want to represent them in government. That is the problem!! Everything else is just an excuse.

    It is getting rather tedious on this site to read fair deal’s posts such as

    Some one chalked on Bally-Go-Backwards orange hall (read –we can’t have SF in government)

    Paddy from south Armagh got drunk in Dundalk and smuggled the beer back in his bladder (read we can’t have SF in government)

    Same paddy pee’ed in a steam and polluted the water (read we can’t have SF in government)

    Some ex provos got into a fight in a bar and stabbed someone. (read no SF in government)

    Three decades ago the provos’ kidnapped a woman and buried her (read–we definitely can’t have SF in government)(that is the same as in the mid 70’s complaining about Germany in the EU because of what happened during the war).

    Some anonymous PSNI/UVF member thinks that possibly, maybe some unnamed possible ex member of the IRA or some other organization might possibly be involved in some possible money laundering (buying a house) with money that might possibly be obtained without paying that tax that might be due. (Read definitely no fenians in government)

    If anyone points out the contradiction in the unionist position –the PSNI/UVF murder campaign, the UUP alliance with the UVF (and forget the crap about weaning then off violence –this was to deny fenians a cabinet seat—nothing else), the DUP relationship with Billy Wright et al, etc the only response in –whataboutry whataboutry whataboutry (read we can complain about allegations of republican malfeasance but fenians can’t complain about real loyalist murders.)

    OK—– I get it —-you don’t like nationalists voting for SF. I don’t like unionists voting for homophobic sectarian bigots with ties to the likes of Billy Wright and I really don’t like Northern Ireland being ruled by a lying murdering war criminal like Blair. The problem is how we get round that.

    In my view it by refusing to give any credence to any unionist who tries to pretend it is about guns, criminality, he called us Nazis or even the maybe/possibly some allegations of possible money laundering by someone who may or may not have be associated with the republican movement.

  • overhere

    I really do not want to play the man here and if it looks that way then I apolgise but FD you must spend a lot of time searching for any snippet of anti-Irish, anti-Republican or anti-Nationalist news you can fine and then post it on here.

    This is something I have noticed over the past few months. In that time there have been numerous other news worthy issues concerning the other traditions and organisations in the country but never have I seen any issue raised by yourself critising the establishment or various organisatins and politicans.

    This is not a “dig” at yourself or your views but just something I have noticed and is becoming increasing off-putting. Maybe a more balanced highlightening of issues as put forward by the other bloggers would be better

  • Prince Eoghan


    C’mon, be a man. Tell it how it is;¬)


    That is the thing with you uppity fenians, too clever by alf. Now stop challenging the hard of thinking to actually think, and get back on your knees.

    *wipes hanky on sweaty forehead*
    Weeesh, that was a close one.
    (Imagine, the cheek of it, not wanting good people to vote for Christian fundamentalists, I mean who have they ever harmed?)

    Hmmmm, I wonder?