“before it all got out of hand”

In the Irish Times, Ruadhán Mac Cormaic picks up[subs req] on the article, on Israel Insider, noted by Mick previously, on the discovery of the ancient Psalter in a peat bog and the Psalm that wasn’t, as clarified by the National Museum of Ireland.. although I’d suggest that the idea that the statement issued by the director of the National Museum, Dr Patrick Wallace, came “before it all got out of hand” seriously underestimates the speed of flow of information on the internet, through blogs and elsewhere.. as well as the number of tin-foil hat wearers out there.. Still, at least the Grauniad didn’t add to the conspiracy..

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  • smcgiff

    It’s the Prods fault for messing around with the order of the Psalms. 🙂

  • Kathy C

    Hi all,

    I think it’s a great discovery and a way to demonstrate there is a difference between the Catholic Bible (which came first) and the king james bible which was issued at the beheast of the british monarch. Shows people there is a real difference.

    at http://www.newadvent.org/bible/psa083.htm
    is the Psalm 83 per a Catholic web page with
    latin translation. Quam dilecta.

  • Pete Baker

    That was before it all got out of hand, people..

    *shakes head*

  • ciaran damery

    The current war between Hezbollah and the Zionist army many of whose forefathers were victims of Hitler’s fascism whilst Zionism has ironically become the world’s largest fascist army, armed by born again christians and Uncle Toms (Bush and Aunt Jemima Rice). The neo-fascist Zionist approach to any protest in Refugee camps in Palestine (refugees because of displacement by Israel) is to bomb the refugee camps. Like their fellow (not so neo-fascists) in occupied ireland, they use sectarianism to justify their brutal subjugation of Palestinians. Like Paisleyites, the zionists said that they would only deal with democratically elected palestinians. Mar shampla, how many times over the past 40 odd years have we heard Paisley rant and rave about the lack of a Republican mandate and how things would change if they were mandated by the people to represent the people. However, when Paisley realized that the fastest growing party in Ireland is SF, he quickly changed his tune. Similarly, the Zionists refuse to recognize the mandate of Hamas, in fact they were so pissed off with the results of the elections in Gaza that they currently have several Palestinian cabinet ministers in custody. Fortunately, Paisley can barely dress himslf, but rest assured, that he would have taken similar action against irish Republicans prior to rise to power both militarily and electorally of the Irish Republican Movement. The Israelis tortured and confined Yasser arafat and believed that his demise would result in the election of a meeker, more subservient Palestinian people, mar shampla Mamoud Abbas. This is analagous to Paisley’s tdream that a rump of sdlp Uncle Toms (mar shampla Eddie McGrady and Alex Atwood) would facilitate Paisleyite fascists dream of a return to one party stalinist rule. But the tide has turned in both Palestine and Ireland. Meanwhile, Hezbollah has the support of both Shia (Iran) and Sunni (hamas)muslims and it is putting up a hell of a fight against the IDF who are armed by the USA. As one who is currently domiciled in Beruit, I know that the vast majority of the Lebanese peoplenow support hezbollah…even erstwhile arch enemies within the Christian miitias and the Lebanese army. Like Oglaigh Na hEireann, Hezbollah is a people’s army, well trained and prepared to die for their country rather than surrender. Hopefully a peace process will be implemented sooner rather than later, cuz right now their is lot of rumors flying about that Syria and the Islamic Republic of iran may play a greater role in the war. But where are the Saudis and Egypt? Bought of by Bush and Uncle tom, wherever there is suffering and war there are quislings and cowards. although i am not a creationist, in the name of those suffering at the claws of the IDF, I say Allah Akbar!

  • Barry

    ‘Israeli army armed by the US’. How much of the British (and other ‘respectable’ armies) arsenal is provided by the US? That is just one point. It is a non-sequitor.
    I take it that Ciaran Damery is happy for Israel to lie down and let themselves be wiped off the map? ‘Drink the water of the Mediterranean’ was one term once used by a respectable Palestinian leader. Or what is his ‘Plan B’?
    I have never heard any republican leader use the scarey threats against unionists that Islamic Fundamentalist use against Israel.

  • ciaran damery

    Ever been to Palestine/Israel Barry? Imagine being given three days to vacate your family home, i.e. a family of six four girls under 8 and two boys aged 9 and 10. They were not compensated or provided with shelter, rather they were told to leave the family home that their great great grand parents had lived in and every subsquent generation. The reason were forced t0 leave was becuase the matriarch of the family had a brother who was suspected of firing at Israeli forces in the Gaza strip. Nobody is asking Zionism to lie down, but this story is typical, where one family member rebels the whole extended family is punished and their house was buldozed. Oh but th good news was that they could apply to rebuild on the plot in one year. This is a typical scenario in Palestine refugee camps where the Palestinian refugees are displacd originally because of the convenient myth that Jews are the chosen people of some Deity and thus are automatically entitled to the land. When they Palestinians are displaced they are told that the land belongs to the newly arrived Russian or american or whoeverm cuz they are Jews and this is there land according to “scripture”, id est, some book written over 1500 years ago and without one scintilla of empirical validation to show that the book’s contents are genuine. And for that a paletinian family is pushed out of their home to make way for God’s chosen people, Of course refugee status is only the begining of the plight of Palestinian families, who are often at the mercy of Settlers, troop invasions and only recently almost half the democratically elected cabinet were arrested and are being held without chrge. Finaly, I refer you to your qoute which is demeaning but dos not compare to a family being tld toleave their home because God said so…howcan you argue with that specially if the Jew has an Israeli tank and Israeli soldiers behind them. There could have beena two state ssolution but the jewish state has ironically become a Nazi state and treats Palestinians just like their own paents we were treated by Hitler in the Warsaw Ghetto. Finally, Israel has more nuclear weapons per capita than any other state and the unflinching support of the US for two rasons, firstly becuase of the power of the Jewish Lobby in washington and secondly cuz of the perspective ofthe religious right in the USA, who see Israelites as “God’s chosen people”. Jeez man, gimme a break!

  • Barry

    Ciaran – the best way for the Palestinians is to cease attacking Israel. Then the Israelis would have no excuse to deprive any more of their land and homes.If they agreed to live at peace with Israel, as the Israeli-Arabs do, then a multicultural society could emerge reminiscent of the golden age in Israel/Palestine. World opinion would be against any aggressive Israeli actions i n a peaceful Israel/Palestine. As for the God bit, I expect many Jews see Israel as their protection against the outside world, and not as some divinely sanctioned entity. Unfortunately, the Islamist overuse the God propaganda too. In my experience, everyone I know is anti-Israeli (and use the Nazi label which is a deep insult)- I seem to be the only person I know who speaks up for Israel. However, I appreciate the genuineness of your concern.

  • Kathy_C

    Hi all,

    I thought since this was a site about bible verses and all…I opened up my Catholic bible and got this…Luke 17 :24″For just as lightneing flashes and lights up the sky from one side to the other, so will the Son of Man be (in His Day).

    oh, and let’s not forget Maccabees…where there is the recounting of the rededication of the Temple where the holiday Hanukkah evolved…ahhhh the miracle of the oil…I wonder if we will be seeing another miracle of oil?