What you can do…

No, not another appeal for the Slugger tip jar. Five minutes of your time to write to John Reid to get him to make an exception for Rachel….

  • circles

    What IS chicken yoghurt Mick? And what has it to do with John Reid?
    I’m amazed – with DR and Quinch to boot!!

  • Mick Fealty

    Better ask Justin…

  • Cato

    Give her the passport Reid. Though if any Minister won’t make an exception, it will be you, you five-flush-floater.

  • John Reid is by far the soundest cove in the regime. And if anyone is cute enough to realise the kudos he’ll get from sucking up to the idiot press over a sob story, er, doing the right thing, it’s our favourite Glaswegian Papish hardman. John Reid: the bald wingnut you can trust, to stick the boot in. Though that said, Peter remains my top Labour SoSNI. How we miss him.

  • Rachel

    Thank you!

    Clearly when I get back from holiday I am going to buy the biggest round ever, because I HAVE GOT A REPLACEMENT PASSPORT! Have written a thank you post on my blog but blogger is being crap & won’t publish. Anyway.


  • Miss Fitz

    Way to go Rachel, very pleased for you, and enjoy your break!