Top of the Pops exits stage left

I was out one night with a group of very grand people from Queens, and the discussion turned to the music people listened to in their teens. I was fascinated by descriptions of Pink Floyd and Staus Quo concerts, amazing collections of LPs and all nature of sophisticated musical tastes. When the conversation turned to me, I had to sheepishly admit that growing up in Laois in the 1970’s, highlights were very much along the lines of Big Tom and the Mainliners, Hugo Duncan and Bray City Rollers. Oh yes, and that was in the Macra na Feirme Hall, to add insult to injury- The Ballroom of Lost Romance! The only connection we had to what was going on outside the world of showbands was Top of the Pops on Thursday night. It was mandated viewing, and Friday mornings were dominated with discussions of the night before. Farewell TOTP, you were an institution and served so many of us, so very well. Update Thanks to John for the picture!