Troubles down, sectarian attacks up…

Despite the quiet marching season, and some well managed set pieces, sectarian attacks were up some 35% this year on last.


  • Nathan

    Thank goodness that no whiff of sectarianism that travels the length and breath of N.Ireland has permeated across the border this year.

    In the year 2006, sectarian undertoned attacks on Anglican and Presbyterian churches in the Irish Republic have been non-existent.

  • fair_deal

    So much for the theory that the trends in attacks are directly linked to parades. There is pretty much the same number of parades this year as last and parades and attendant protests that had problems over recent years have been almost entirely quiet. Yet sectarian attacks go up.

  • Greenflag

    ‘So much for the theory that the trends in attacks are directly linked to parades. ‘

    The increase in attacks is probably due to global warming, increased sunspot activity and the higher than average daily temperature as well as the fact that Neptune is now further from the Sun than Pluto .

    Thus those who believe that sectarian attacks are directly or indirectly connected to the fact that Northern Ireland is a State based on sectarian division clearly have no idea what they are talking about .

    It’s obvious to all neutral observers out that if all Orange Parades next year were cancelled there would be a huge increase in sectarian attacks .Maybe the OO should give it a try for one year . Think of the great publicity to be gained in 2008 ? I can almost see the headlines .

    ‘Both Governments urge OO to have more parades in order to reduce sectarian attacks ‘

  • ulick magee

    phew ……..thank god now I know if their kicking me in the head it’s beacause I’m a taig and they’re not trying to rob me.

    Thanks PSNI doing a great job ……in Iraq

  • Does this mean a more violent marching season might lead to fewer sectarian attacks?

  • circles

    no David – but I think you knew that already.

  • Just wondering 😉