Open thread….

Do with it what you will…

  • Benny Cake

    Snow patrol is music for socially deprived, mentally challenged sheep. This is real entertainment.

    Ring Ring! Ring Ring!

  • A fella from Andytown had an awful habit, when driving along in his van, of ploughing straight at anyone wearing a Rangers jersey only to swerve at the last minute in order to frighten the bejesus out of them. One day he was out in his van and spotted the local Parish Priest walking along the Shankhill… thinking it wouldn’t be too safe for him there he pulls over and tells the father to jump aboard. So they’re travelling along and chatting away when our bucko spots the familiar blue jersey covering a local head-the-ball. Out of force of habit he makes straight for the shocked bypasser again only to swerve at the last minute. Unfortunately something went wrong this time because there was an almighty WHUMP! and the van shuddered. Glancing in the rear view mirror he spots the poor chap rolling around in considerable pain. “oh holy jaysus father” he says “I thought I’d missed him, honest”. “Don’t worry my child” comes the reply from the old preacher beside him, “I got him with the door”.

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    Look youse uns I’m Sarah Travers all right? And I’m well pissed off with youse uns saying I’ve nuffink up top cos I wanna take mint sauce to a desert. Island I mean.
    Look I’m real smart an all orright? Cos I got O’Levels and everythink. And my boss says I’m top totty and a classy bird so I am, so youse can just give over.
    And I’d like to thank GLC for letting me say this stuff on the Sluggy Tool website.

  • bertie

    A whole big open thread and no-one came out!


  • Penelope

    wassa matter Bertie… lonely? 😉

  • Tom Slab

    I’m out!!!!!!!

    free free free at last

    To celebrate I am going out for a Chinese.

    My favorite soup

    “Cream of Some Young GUY”

  • bertie


    Alas no, I’m of a rarer sexuality that gay – exclusively hetro. We seem to be so thin on the ground that a lot of people don’t beleive that we exist.

    It just seemed that an open thread would be an ideal opportuntity for a Jerry Springer moment!

    Now Tom made his declaration we need a transsexual, an adult movie actor and a Roman Catholic priest who votes DUP!

  • cladycowboy

    Its the leaving drink of the girl i’ve fallen for after work tonight, wish me luck. Have to stay away from the Duvel…

  • bertie

    Should we not be wishing her luck? 😉

  • Occasional Commentator

    Is there any software to make it easier to keep track of blogs? What’s this RSS thing about?

    Most importantly, will it keep track of new comments posted to blog posts? If so, I’ll make more of an effort to get some RSS reader set up.

    If not, I’ll write some software for myself to track new comments. I just thought I’d ask here as I don’t really know the situation with regard to noticing new comments being added to old threads.

  • smirkyspice

    mick where’s the slugger tshirts?