Informer sister warned details in the hands of republicans

The sister of IRA informer Martin McGartland has been warned her address is in the possession of republican paramilitaries. McGartland survived an IRA murder bid in 1999.

  • na

    The PSNI and Garda are being transparent with their news management in the wake of the Governments’ assessment of the IRA.

  • Prince Eoghan

    So is FD, wonder why? New excuse or same old same old.

  • Irish in America


  • Turbo Paul

    It is not so much the story as the time it is released that is interesting.

  • harpo

    ‘Republican paramilitaries’

    What does that mean?

    Do they mean actual true Irish Republicans, or do they mean the Provisionals?

    Say it is the Provisionals. Is it not kind of bleeding obvious that since McGartland was a Provo at one time, that his fellow Provos would have known details about his family?

    Or were the Provos so inept that it is only now in 2006 that one of them has said to another ‘hey, that guy McGartland had a sister. Let’s track her down’?

    If this sister ends up dead or injured, what are IR supporters on here going to say?

    I see the usual ‘yawn’ style posts have started in response to this news. If the headline becomes ‘informer’s sister shot dead’ will that remain the response? Meaning that killing the relatives of informers is OK?

  • heck

    what’s this fair deal?

    the latest excuse?

  • Cato

    How will the fact that republicans know where this lady lives make any difference to the peace process when the murder of Denis Donaldson did not?

  • Cato

    One other point. When Mr McGartland was the victim of the 1999 murder attempt, the most likely explanation for the IRA becoming aware of his whereabouts was that they were told by the security services. Either that or one of the members of the South Armagh branch of the Newcastle United Supporters Club spotted him when he was over for the match. It suited the security services to do that then and it may suit one of their rival services to do this now.

  • Dec

    Actually Cata, his address was revealed in court on another issue. Marty must have another book in the pipeline, presumably because he’s run out of money again.

  • Cato

    Ah, right. Thanks for that Dec, I had absolutely no idea and am of course surprised that a protected agent, which I am assuming he was, could be unveiled in such a lazy manner.

  • friendlyCreggan

    Funniest ‘news’ story of the ‘silly season’- EVER!!

    The ‘war’/’conflict’/’troubles’, etc etc (delete where applicable) is DEFINITELY over if this is all that ‘they’ can come up with…..

    “Republicans discover IRA tout’s sister’s details” (all of a sudden?- is this an ‘Ingram’ story?)

    JESUS WEPT!!!!! 🙂

  • na

    They are getting really tatty with this stuff.

    The recent Sunday Life ‘exclusive’ on a British spook’s revelations on soldiers being killed to protect an IRA agent (a story only initiated by the former operative) died a death when the Ombudsman revealed that the agent wasn’t wiling to actually discuss the matter with anyone but a journalist (publisher?).

  • ciaran damery

    I’m surprised that this topic is even newsworthy. Nobody will attack the families of informers, if ya don’t believe me ask Donaldson’s family. However those who informed on the Irish community and worked hand in hand with the occupier to undermine the noble struggle for Irish freedom, prosecuted by Oglaigh Na hEireann, during the most recent phase of armed struggle will never be welcome back in their own communities. Mar shampla, take a look at the case of Sean O’Callaghan, the personification and epitome of a Rat/Tout/Blaguard. Eventhough this vile sub-human informed on Martin Ferris TD, causing the latter to forfeit 10 years of freedom, Martin gave the graveside oration at O’callaghan’s father’s funeral. Sean the tout didn’t even attend, and given that his da remained a committed republican right up to the end, seems that his rat son would not have been welcome.

  • ciaran damery

    …if I may digress…speaking of not attending funerals, renowned Sindo columnist Eilis O’Hanlon did not attend the funeral of her own sister, Siobhain O’Hanlon because of Siobhain’s high profile in SF’s endeavors to create an Irish Peace Process (Siobhain died of cancer). So I guess that it’s not surprising that the hatred imbued in Eilish’s psyche continues to manifest itself on the pages of ‘sir’ rielly’s rag.

  • ciaran damery

    Finally, let me preface my penultimate comment by acknowledging the webmaster’s oft stated opinion to “play the ball, not the man”. Touts will never be accepted back by their communities. In fact the families of harry kirkpatrick, christopher black, donaldson and O’callaghan severed ties with their kin. Moreover, there has never been an incident where a family member of a tout was executed cuz of the latter’s antics, not even in the height of the struggle. Never! Not one! So yeah, methinks Marty has another book coming out, if he’s looking for a title, how about ’50 wet dreams’?