Happy birthday GBS…

Second generation Corkman Sunder Katwala, blogs on the 150th birthday of George Bernard Shaw, who he reckons who have been shaking things up in the blogosphere if he’d be born a bit later…


  • The Devil

    George was amazing, one of the funniest and most intelligent men of his era.

    He’s still immensely quotable too. There’s a thing: Why aren’t modern Irish writers quotable, or is it me?

  • Fanny

    “Why aren’t modern Irish writers quotable, or is it me?”

    It’s you, Mr. Devil. Here’s a quote for you from Roddy Doyle: “Fuck off!”

  • Nathan

    Fair duos to the National Gallery of Irl for allowing Alan Stanford to come in and hold a WBS event yesterday for the adults. The story-telling mornings they’re holding should go down a treat with the kids also.

    Problem with the NM though is that they are soooo bland and predictable. The male Protestant contribution to Irish literary revival has been properly explored, assessed and recorded, so to do yet another exhibition on GBS is very typical of them. In the meantime, the female Protestant contribution (both major and minor) remains sidelined from literary canon status. So too does the female Catholic contribution.

    Therefore, the NM panders to the wants rather than the needs of the public. We may want to hear only about well known male Protestant writers, but nevertheless we need to hear about those less-known figures. Ireland has an awful legacy of not giving sufficient recognition to those individuals who can’t be fitted into tidy pigeon holes – whether it be literary, political or otherwise.