DSD funding for volunteering

The DSD announced £2.93 million of funding today through the Community Volunteering scheme. £2.2m. has been allocated through a Main Grant scheme, and an additional £700,000 is available through the small grants scheme. I see some of the ‘big hitters’ in the Voluntary Sector got handsome grants from the DSD through this scheme. Age Concern received £154,000 and Citizens Advice £156,000. Without sitting down and doing a forensic review of the succesful bodies, it appears fair and balanced . I note with great interest that the Rape Crisis Centre was not one of the bodies who received funding, and no sure way of knowing if they applied.

  • Fanny

    All the same, a couple of women’s shelters got funding, Miss Fitz.

    Beats me why they and the rape crisis centre need to be run by volunteers. They should be govt-funded bodies. To me it would be just as absurd to have the police run as a charity. Both protect the vulnerable in society, so what’s the difference?

  • Miss Fitz

    I contacted the RCC after I wrote my previous post on their organisation, and would have been very happy to have promoted the work of their agency. Unfortunately, I never received a relpy to my e-mail.

    We have a statutory provider of this service in that the Police have a CARE unit. Maybe someone has decided we only need one provider of this kind of service? I dont know, but perhaps its a question worth asking?

  • na

    The RCC’s Legal Advisor also suffered problems due to accounting standards in their private practice. It could just be a genuine concern over the fitness of those at the top to handle the money as required by all other applicants? Please do not misinterpret this as a reflection on the absolutely invaluable work they do.

  • Fanny

    “The RCC’s Legal Advisor also suffered problems due to accounting standards in their private practice”

    Was it not the case that RCC wasn’t given the accountant they requested and that this was used as stick to beat them with? The money involved was laughably small so somebody was simply acting the tosser.

  • Dear Miss Fitz

    I am a volunteer of the centre and I run TWO very busy businesses one news agency and one publishing company. I don’t normally have the time every day to reply to every single query about the RCC – I set aside time each month to do these things.

    I am disappointed yet again about the inaccurate information being posted on Slugger and I note that once again it’s on a thread that you started.

    Should you have any queries you can contact the RCC direct where there are only TWO staff members who have STILL NOT been paid wages – they can answer any queries you have – I can not as I do not have the time to check for you. When I do I will respond.

    Apart from that the RCC legal advisor HAS NOT had problems with her accounting – I would suggest you should contact her office direct in relation to this matter as I personally would initiate legal proceedings if this had been said about my business.

    Thank you Fanny for your supportive comments, it is comments like these that encourage me to continue posting on this site.

    Tina Calder

  • Miss Fitz

    I also note that you said in your last thread about the RCC that you said you would respond to me in full once you had read the press conference transcibe – I note that you did not do this.

  • Miss Fitz

    Thanks for your response, it’s nice of you to make the time.

    As I said, I would have been more than happy to carry the point of view of the RCC, indeed, I offered to come to the premises to make myself better informed. I appreciate that you are busy, but I think it is fair to say that applies to many of us. I was willing to take time out of my busy schedule, but perhaps it wasnt deemed important to the RCC.

    I need to point out that this was not a thread specifically intended to focus on the RCC, however when covering the DSD funding announcement I noted that RCC did not appear to benefit from it. I found that disappointing in light of the previous cut back, and felt they might have been in this funding round.

    As to what other posters place on the boards, I can moderate comments, but would only edit if I was aware of something being completely inaccurate or libellous. Other than that, posters have a right to comment on issues as they see fit. Indeed, they frequently comment on the bloggers as they see fit, and often to our detriment.

    In terms of who starts the threads, you point out that I started the 2 most recent ones concerning the RCC. In fairness, the RCC didnt get much attention on Slugger until I brought it up, so I think that should be seen as a positive development. There has been a lot of support for the RCC on the recent threads, and that is encouraging.

  • Miss Fitz

    As to the Press Release, you are correct, I did say I would follow it up, and havent had an opportunity due to other pressures. I will rectify this over the weekend, and please accept my apology for this oversight.

  • Henry Mancini

    Nothing better than two women going head for long in public clearly demonostrating that
    Neither of you have any concept of Public Relations. Thee fact that you are indeed acting unprofessional in airing your grievances in public shows a lack of fucking wit by you both.

    I would have thought it more prudent to work and talk to source an outcome by which the matter is resolved.

    If you’re too busy nominate someone else, if you’re acting like an agrieved woman get a man to sort it out and lastly if you want to act like fucking egits then have the wit to do it in private

  • Thank you for your rather unhelpful remarks Henry.

    In the interest of Public Relations learning to spell might be a way to go.

    And just incase you missed the point of a PUBLIC forum like this – it’s for discussing things in PUBLIC.

    Now get back to work because I suspect you’re wasting money getting paid to surf the net..

  • Henry Mancini

    tina –

    tut tut you must be a big lee marvin fan, very emotional and defensive.

    My spelling well it’s always been bad but at least it’s more entertaining than your column.

    I would have thought trying to ensure the rather good reputation and work of the RCC would have been the priority but then again sometimes ego’s are more important.

    Oh reference my ability to surf the net I think you are doing the same if I’m not mistaken but then again maybe you’re not because you’re so darn busy all the time.

    Pity that!

    Best of luck to RCC anyway!

  • Setanta

    One interesting aspect of this annoucement is the timing.

    The decisions on who would get funded were made in March – I don’t want to seem cynical about good news from the government but this looks like yet more spin passing off old money as new money. The Children’s Fund was the last example of this….

    The total awarded in the volunteering package was £2.93 million but applications from voluntary organisations totalled over £ 7 million so many organisations lost out and will not now be able to run volunteer projects.

  • na


    Apologies, I misremembered the issues that the RCC’s Legal Advisor had with the Law Society.


    Financial irregularities were mentioned on IndyMedia as part of the briefings being made against her but it seems it was her administrative standards that prevent her from practising alone. Was this ever resolved? Is Ms Drinan now in a shared practice, not in a practice or was the decision overturned?

    Best of luck to all involved in the Centre.

  • redbam


    I’m pleased to tell you that Padraigin is still fighting the corner of the downtrodden and marginalised from her new office in Conway Mill.
    She appealed against the Law Society and won – no mean feat!!

    As someone who was involved in the campaign to help keep the office open I can tell you that there was never any suggestion of financial irregularities even from the Law Society who have had the knife out for her for so long. The main substance of the allegations was not answering letters from them. The real reason of course was something altogether different. Padraigin does not fit their idea of a lawyer. From her recent presence on the various vigils and protests against the current situation in the Lebanon and in Palestine I reckon that she never will and that is more than happy that she doesn’t – fair to her!!