Welcome to the blogosphere…

The Beach Tree finally sets sail, now master of his own blog ship… Also this gael blog from Lá and dedicated each day to a major question set by one of their journalists (in Irish only). Oh and it seems I’ve won a lottery prize – €50 at Amazon.co.uk. Thanks Mary! NOw I can start working through that wish list.

  • Rubicon

    Mick @ 10:37pm your threads are looking more like Pete’s! Four links in as many sentances (mind you – Pete can do that in just a sub!).

    Thank you for the “welcome” – but it’s “goodnight” from me. I’ll check the links in the morning – perhaps … if Chris hasn’t posted conjecture or FD posted a conclusion!

  • Mick

    Thanks for the welcome; a noggin of rum awaits all scurvy curs who board, ahaarr 😉