Life on the Interface

Whilst there has been much relief that this year’s marching season has passed off without the sustained violence of previous years, there continues to be sectarian attacks across the north, including attacks by between 20-30 men on homes in the Whitewell Road area last night. This morning’s Stephen Nolan show heard first hand accounts of life on two North Belfast interfaces: the Whitewell-Graymount area and the Carrick Hill-Shankill area. In both cases, many locals seem to be calling for higher walls (even the Westlink doesn’t seem to be wide enough to prevent attacks in the latter case) and permanent barriers as the solution, a sobering reminder of the reality of life for many living at the coalface.


    might add to this list 4 cars and several house windows being trashed on the Blacks Road in the early hours of Saturday,as per usual no mention in the media of such attacks the non representitive suffolk forum/psni have cast a reportage black out for this coal face!!!!

  • fair_deal

    ok,reported it was,though under the banner of another story,see what i mean about incidents in Suffolk being played down!

  • Peking


    Where’s Fat Harry and the Golfer when you need them?


    lol, fat harry the ex cop who ran the blue lamp disco’s whos now the uda puppet after defecting form the dup to the udp and hes willing to represent allusee ex councillor and as we see now a patsy,good on him for his work, but i cant but think the lord harry nest is being feathered,however…, if they mention suffolk,they are just after more funding ,making the organisation bigger than it is to get the booty,i know for a fact that this booty does not all make its way to the grass roots,the forum in suffolk got funding for a party on the 11th july,stating fun day,ulster scots etc etc….fact is, there is always a party on the 11th, just this year its been hi-jacked by the suffolk forum in the name of funding,word is there is a supposed umbrella group between finaghy and suffolk,aligning with residents from across the divide, some american company as yet unnamed is supposed to be putting millions into suffolk/lenadoon yet the res groups dont name/give details of plans,why is that Jean Browne?,this only leads most to think of underhand hoodwinking of the populace, remains to be seen, in the meantime, ordinary folk are subject to almost nightly never(or hardly ever)reported attacks on homes and cars, the talking is not working, the place is un-policed,republican youths are running amock along blacks road,both catholic and protestant homes are attacked,more police needed…….FR

  • oh dear

    I wonder how Reggie boy feels about a woman having a crosbow pointed to her head and the balaclava wearing thug shouting UVF at her?

    Surely that’s too harsh a canvassing tactic even for the UUP….