How not to impress a car driver

I and a colleague have a business meeting tomorrow in Dublin (final arrangements had to be left until today because of an unrelated matter). I (or my PA) made multiple trys to get through to NIR to book two tickets to Dublin – both of us got a permanent engaged tone. The plan was to go 1st plus at the cost of £124 plus 1/2 price parking whereas if I drive it would be £87.36 mileage plus tolls, no parking fees and the opportunity to get some cheaper diesel (the ordinary class cost would be £70 plus full price parking). I tried again after I got in from work and I got an answer machine. I then tried the NIR call centre, it couldn’t take my reservation and said the Enterprise office closed at 5pm. The Translink website offers almost no internet booking – all I can book is a special offer for the Enterprise which doesn’t begin for another six days. So I am afraid I have come across all Jeremy Clarkson, bollox to the environment I’m driving.