And the crime goes on…

A contractor has revealed a new approach to extortion from builders by sections of the UDA. No they haven’t stopped it. Instead, they make contractors employ members at inflated wages leading to inferior work as the new employees are unskilled and cutbacks on expenditure to cover the increased costs. Despite most of the UDA leadership pointing the finger of blame at North Belfast for such activities the contractor says it is going on in West Belfast as well.

  • Henry94

    Cripes. Imagine moving into a house built by the UDA!

  • fair_deal


    It might have a very good bar facility?

  • frank

    The biggest shock in the story is that some of them actually have jobs (even if they are made up and part of an extortion package)

    Is Jackie ‘I’m a good terrorist’ McDonald not a convicted extortionist ??

  • Tochais Siorai

    They must have been working in a few new estates south of the border as well judging by the state of some of the houses in them.

  • eranu

    i hope this isnt an effort at the community based work that paramilitaries are supposed to be moving into. i know they’ll all need a proper job sooner or later, but cant ex UDA staff just accept that to get a job they’ll have to train hard and work hard like the rest of us? destroying businesses and making crap houses is not helping the community at all.

    its almost funny when people talk about paramilitaries changing their jobs from making bombs / shooting people / selling drugs, to being a responsible person who is working hard for the good of their community. i would of thought that willingness to murder, destroy property and engage in a variety of illegal activities would actually count against you if you went for a community worker job? silly me!

  • shay

    Do you think you would find arms under the floor boards and plastered into the walls?

  • circles

    Might even find a couple of legs Shay knowing these animals.
    Wondering if they write No Pope Here on the bare floorboards

  • Dread Cthulhu

    circles: “Might even find a couple of legs Shay knowing these animals. ”

    But only under the foundation, leastwise if their smart.

    This is a plain Mafia-type racket, except the Mafia, knowing their goombahs don’t do manual labor, don’t waste everyone’s time in going through the motions, settling for a good, old-fashioned “no-show” job. The “o-shows” are cheaper in the long run — you’d don’t need to fix what wasn’t broken in the first place.

  • K Doherty

    I hear that all houses come with a flag pole as standard and that there’s a choice of colour scheme – red, white or blue.

  • Turbo Paul

    And there was I thinking these people are just plain old criminals extorting builders in the same way the American Mafia have done in New York for decades.

    Waving a UDA membership should not be allowed to disguise the fact that these people are criminals plain and simple.

    Republicans have been using these tatics for decades as well and they should not be allowed to disguise their criminality behind Republican membership.

    Perhaps there should be a Global Organised Crime Seminar held in Belfast to teach other organised crime syndicates how to justify their criminality behind a political affiliation.

    The New York Defence Association/Italian Mafia.

    The Official Israel defence association/ Jewish Mafia.

    The Latino defence association/ Latino Mafia

    Only in NI can criminals get away with their actions behind some tenious political affiliation.

    Shame, shame, shame, on the authorities.

  • Do the dopey Roy Garland types not realise that this is the real face of loyalist paramilitarism? Nobody forces these scumbags into extortion, racketeering, etc. They do it to enrich themselves. Now here’s a question for Reg’s Chosen Few who support their leader’s alignment with the UVF. Just how do you persuade the worst of society to behave lawfully when that would mean a plummeting income for certain people? Any answers?

  • Dread Cthulhu

    Turbo Paul: “The New York Defence Association/Italian Mafia. ”

    Too late — its already been done by one of the New York Mafia bosses during the seventies. The name of the group was the “Italian-American Anti-Defamation League.” Organized by Joe Colombo, Sr. as a part of his effort to get his son out from under a federal charge for the defacement of currency (Joseph Columbo, Jr. was melting down US coinage for its silver content).

  • wild turkey

    A bit of perspective. Hookers are not the worlds oldest profession. Corruption in construction probably is, afterall somebody had to build the house. This is not to excuse, condone or dismiss the practices outlined here, but they are as old as human endeavour.

    Perhaps the boys (any girls involved?) from the shankhill, north Belfast brigade, or wherever, can get training/job placements with Bechtel Corporation and learn the, as it were, tricks of the trade from a truly international perspective.

    Readers might care to check out the report
    A world built on bribes? Corruption in construction bankrupts countries and costs lives by Transparency International

    The report shows how corruption in the construction sector undermines economic development, and threatens to hamstring post-conflict reconstruction in Iraq and beyond.
    Link below, hope it works

    Anyway, if the %!£&ers are gonna build the substandard houses, can’t they be forced to live in them or is this all part of ‘community development’?

  • aquifer

    I was going to suggest developers organise an investment strike until this gets sorted, but planning service have probably kept them back for a year already.

  • Metacom

    “get training/job placements with Bechtel Corporation and learn the, as it were, tricks of the trade from a truly international perspective”.

    Hey Wild Turkey (nice stuff by the way) you from Boston? Bechtel’s the crowd the was in charge of the Big Dig which after about 15 years and as many billions has tunnel sections falling loose and crushing unsuspecting motorists.

  • wild turkey


    not from boston but lived there. as an aside in feb 79 the weather was bitterly cold, below zero F during the day and even worse at night. the joke in boston was

    its so cold
    how cold is it?
    well yesterday I saw a politician with his hands in his own pocket

    actually, there was a recent fatal accident in a section of the big dig involving falling pieces of ceiling. lot of immediate noise re ‘criminal investigations’ anyway mindful of the above joke, watch Bechtel waltz out of this one.