Hey buddy can you spare me £366 million?

The underspend of public funds in Northern Ireland is £366m (approximately 4.5% of the total budget). This represents a reduction on previous years but local politicians are angry that education cuts have been pushed through when extra resources were available.NOTE the figure of a 20% underspend in the linked article is incorrect.

  • stephen

    maybe if there wasnt a stupid and pointless inquiry into bllody sunday costing around 400 million we would all be dead on, eh?

  • nmc

    I think the point is we could have another one, and break even.

  • Brian Heading

    Each year the schools turn out children under qualified for jobs and in some cases not being able to read or write. How can this government and their direct rule part-time ministers get away with allowing the civil servants to submit budgets and then return the monies to London.
    its about time someone did the figures on what leaves this part of Ireland in the form of VAT income tax and the rest and compare it what makes up budgets for government depts.

  • mnob

    But Brian that would be completely self defeating.

    There are 2 possible outcomes :

    1. NI is a net source of funds for the UK – cue republicans bleating that us poor Irish are subsidising greedy Brits.

    2. NI is a net drain of funds on the UK – cue republicans bleating about unsustainable articifial statelelts

    As has been discussed on this board ad nauseum – NI is an integral part of the UK economy. The money that is ‘returned’ to London – it doesnt mean its going to Ken Livingstone or the Millenium Dome – it means it is returned to the UK exchequer (from whence it came) for use around the UK (including NI) – its not like they are taking ‘our’ money and subsidising the SE England.

  • slug

    Perhaps the money could be used to pay off a tiny sliver of the national debt?