Ghana, and an under-regulated mining industry…

Again off topic for Slugger, but I thought it might serve to bring some perspective to our little local difficulty. I keep a very occasional blog on Africa and development issues. This story of mining in Ghana, as told by File on Four programme and others, is fascinating. Powerful radio.

  • a bit off topic…

    but I wonder what happened to the band Ashanti (isn’t that a Ghanain tribe too) that used to play the Errigle (all those years ago) up the Ormeau Rd?

  • mick de dublin anarchist

    but I wonder what happened to the band Ashanti (isn’t that a Ghanain tribe too) that used to play the Errigle (all those years ago) up the Ormeau Rd?

    Aaaaarrrrgh. Nordies have to be the most inward looking people in the world. I mean, an extraordinarily rare post about something not connected to the wee north pops up and the first comment tries to bring it all the way back to the Ormeau!

    I actually surfed over to Slugger tonight as I was curious what the nordie politicos were saying about Lebanon. I find nothing, dozens of threads about the orange order, lots to say about the intricacies of the “West Lothian question”, but nothing about the fairly major and volatile war that just kicked off.

    Ye should get out more. 🙂

    FYI, the Ashanti was an African state, based in modern day central Ghana with its capital at Kumasi, which existed from about 1400 to 1900 when it was crushed by the British. It is also the modern day ethnic name of the tribes who were ruled by that state and speak Akan.

  • Mick Fealty


    Best way to get to what we’ve got on the “outside world” is to hit the international category. There is a variety of stuff there. I don’t like to stretch the frames too far, but I agree we could do more.

    I did a reasonable blog on the Paris riots, but that was quite a bit of time after it all kicked off. It’s easy just to replicate what others are saying if you don’t have the time and variety of perspectives to play with.

  • mick de dublin anarchist,
    I was just trying to help out, keeping Slugger to “what it says on the tin” Notes on Northern Ireland politics and culture.

    A further contribution might be discussing the GRAND ORANGE LODGE OF GHANA I don’t know if a former dictator of Ghana, Kwama NKruma ( I think it’s spelt like that)was a member of the local Orange Lodge. I always remember visiting his palace as a child and noting what the tour guide said was an electric chair beside his swimming pool. He went on to say they used to electrocute people and then tip them into the pool.

    How “off topic” can we get? 🙂

  • Gum

    Natural resources play such a huge role in conflicts . This is the link to a great resource on how they fuel wars. The Congo should be one of the world’s richest countries – vast and very rich copper and cobalt mines, and enough rivers and rainfall to produce enough electricity to light the continent! The people see none of this wealth though – diamonds and other minerals are all smuggled across porous borders, and the wealth has been traced all the way to Swiss bank accounts! There are elections scheduled for the Congo this year (the first free vote in 40 years) but unless the militias lose their control of the mines and the corruption in govt is stamped out, the tragedy of the DRC will just continue.

  • Gum

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