Census 2006…

Apart from the startling figure of 400,000 foreign born residents, the preliminary census estimates released in the Republic yesterday could have some startling implications for the next general election, with constituencies in West Dublin and Meath growing exponentially, and rural constituencies falling. Given the profound nature of the shifts, the cabinet has refered the matter of whether a quick re-drawing of constituency boundaries should be complete before next year’s election to the Attorney General Rory Brady. Interestingly, Fine Gael whose residual strength lies outside the capital and Labour differ on the matter.

Other ones to keep an eye on will be Donegal, which may see a merging of two three seaters into a single five seater constituency. And Meath, where a case might just be put for two four seat consituencies. More later…

  • Keith M

    Dublin West is a real problem, because it would be potentially unconstitutional to have an election there at the moment.

    However any changes in Dublin have huge knock on effects because they tend to impact many constituencies.

    Probably the boundaries in Meth will be re-drawn to make a 4 and a 3 seat.

    Donegal has been looking like a candidate for merging for years. It was mergered in the early days aftyer the IFS left the UK and briefly in the 1970s.

  • Greenflag

    ‘Fine Gael whose residual strength lies outside the capital and Labour differ on the matter. ‘

    There goes the alternative coalition already and the election date not even set 🙂

  • CQ

    Donegal has 5.76 quotas, similar to the previous census. There is no question of it becoming a 5-seater.

    Meath has 6.37 quotas – it should probably remain as 2 3-seaters, although the Constituency commission’s practice of not having 3 counties within 1 constituency may result in Meath West (which includes part of Westmeath) or Meath East becoming a 4-seater, rather than Longford-Westmeath (with 4.45 quotas) becoming a 5-seater.

    As a stop-gap, Dublin North and North-East could become a 7 seater, as could Dublin West and either North-West or Mid-West.

  • Tochais Siorai

    ‘…….may result in Meath West (which includes part of Westmeath)……..becoming a 4-seater……’

    Would it be called Meath West – East Westmeath or East Westmeath – Meath West?