Orange music archive online…

This loyalist music site looks like an interesting resource. If you want to know how 2 Garda keep 15,000 Orangemen under control, check out the Rossknowlagh video.


  • Stephen Copeland

    It crashed my Internet Explorer, but maybe that was no bad thing because that Rossnowlagh speech was dreary. I didn’t see any Gardai, Mick, just rain – was that your point?

  • Mick Fealty

    Not looking hard enough Stephen. 😉

  • Stephen Copeland

    Mick, the Rosnowlaagh video was unclear, with the camera pointing mostly up towards the sky. I saw the guy on the trailer after about 2 minutes, but never got a clear view. When I tried to skip forward (I have a very short attention span for that kind of thing), it crashed.

    Spare me the pain, tell me what your point is.

  • barnshee

    agggh the only thing worse than Irish music is orange” music Please please noooooo

  • POL

    Spotted 2 gardai policing the entire event.I think the point being, that when you have the consent of the local community then policing is not a real concern. Maybe the Brethern should take note and learn from this exercise.