That ‘big conversation’, unplugged….

Just in case you missed it, that conversation between Blair and Bush. In one unguarded moment, you get more of a handle on how these two relate and think that from weeks of earnest journalism from set piece media events. One reason why blogging will continue to challenge ‘the usual channels’.

BUSH Yo, Blair. How are you doin’?
BLAIR I’m just . . .
BUSH You’re leaving?
BLAIR No, no, no, not yet. On this trade thingy . . .(inaudible)
BUSH Yeah, I told that to the man. Thanks for the sweater it’s awfully thoughtful of you.
BLAIR It’s a pleasure.
BUSH I know you picked it out yourself.
BLAIR Absolutely (inaudible).
BUSH What about Kofi? (inaudible) His attitude to ceasefire and everything else . . . happens.
BLAIR Yeah, no I think the (inaudible) is really difficult. We can’t stop this unless you get this international business agreed.
BUSH Yeah.
BLAIR I don’t know what you guys have talked about, but as I say I am perfectly happy to try and see what the lie of the land is, but you need that done quickly because otherwise it will spiral.
BUSH I think Condi is going to go pretty soon.
BLAIR But that’s, that’s, that’s all that matters. But if you . . . you see it will take some time to get that together.
BUSH Yeah, yeah.
BLAIR But at least it gives people . . .
BUSH It’s a process, I agree. I told her your offer to . . .
BLAIR Well, it’s only if, I mean, you know. If she’s got a, or if she needs the ground prepared, as it were. Because obviously if she goes out, she’s got to succeed, if it were, whereas I can go out and just talk.
BUSH You see, the thing is, what they need to do is to get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit and it’s over. (inaudible)
BLAIR Syria.
BLAIR Because I think this is all part of the same thing.
BUSH Yeah.
BLAIR What does he think? He thinks if Lebanon turns out fine, if we get a solution in Israel and Palestine, Iraq goes in the right way . . .
BUSH Yeah, yeah, he is sweet.
BLAIR He is honey. And that’s what the whole thing is about. It’s the same with Iraq.
BUSH I felt like telling Kofi to call, to get on the phone to Assad and make something happen.
BUSH We are not blaming the Lebanese Government.
BLAIR Is this . . .? (he taps the microphone in front of him and the sound is cut.)