Speak out, Dave.

Trimble biographer and now think-tanl boss, Dean Godson, calls on David Cameron to speak out against Government proposals for Restorative Justice Schemes in Northern ireland. Catherine McCartney is also travelling to Westminster to lobby against the present proposals.

  • Dec

    What kind of a criminal justice system is it that seeks to incorporate into its ranks one of the IRA killers who lynched two British corporals in Belfast in 1988? Or some of those who helped to destroy the evidence after Robert McCartney was murdered by the Provisionals in early 2005? Answer: the criminal justice system of the new Northern Ireland.

    Left out the bit about running murder squads in order to gather ‘intelligence’

    And then there is the US Administration, which regards it as “insane” to give those with convictions a formal role in arbitrating disputes.

    News to Hugh Orde, no doubt, what with all those officers of his that have criminal convictions yet remain in the force ‘arbitrating disputes’.


  • Alex Attwood hitsthe nail on the head when he said :-

    “Rather than face up to the well-documented concerns about Community Restorative Justice schemes, Sinn Fein again send out Mitchel McLaughlin to embarrass himself with a fresh political reminder. A week after the family of Jean McConville was vindicated by the Police Ombudsman, Sinn Fein put up as a policing authority the very man who refused to accept that her murder was a crime. Mitchel McLaughlin’s standing on policing matters is as credible as Ian Paisley’s views on the Catholic Church.”

  • Turbo Paul

    The only response David C Tory leader will offer is
    to “Pacify a Paramilitary” just as his answer to youth crime is to “Hug a Hoodie”

    We may get “Prosecute a Paramilitary” but as the Tories have little chance of input into NI policy this will fall on deaf ears.

    Another one of those “good time to bury bad news” ocasions from Labour spin doctors.

    The Blair/Brown bulldozer is going to be imposed on NI deal or no deal.

    The so called sweetners and inclusion of criminals in the process is just another desperate measure to reach a deal.

  • seanniee

    Who takes the Mccartney’s seriously.They ran over to see Bush,the top Israeli backer and war criminal.They should feel rightly ashamed of themselves.These people are so incredibly selfish.