Give us the ******* money Gordon or the peace process gets it?

The SDLP’s John Dallat is claiming that the UDA “have moved up from extorting sweetie shops and building sites to sticking up the Treasury.” Although he admits the lack of morality in the process is nothing new “Unfortunately, it fits neatly into the Northern Ireland Office approach of buying off sectional interests one by one with shady side deals sweetened by taxpayers` money.” In response to the attack Hain has given the ambiguous answer that “We are not talking about particular sums of money at the moment”.

  • Dread Cthulhu

    “In response to the attack Hain has given the ambiguous answer that “We are not talking about particular sums of money at the moment”. ”

    All that means is they haven’t yet agreed on how large the pay-off to the UDA will be, not that Hain isn’t willing to pay them off.

  • McGrath

    “Give us the ******* money Gordon or the peace process gets it?”

    Should read “Give us the ******* money or we tell on you?”

  • Turbo Paul

    This sweetner is just a drop in the ocean of the £1.5 billion spent each year in Northern Ireland.

    If this is part of what it takes to devolve power then Gordon, via Hain is just balancing the books.

    Hain today is saying he wants to cut, cut, cut admin in Northern Ireland, another money saving policy.

    The Brit govt not only wants devolved power but also a cut in the budget.

    For an insight of how things will look if there is no deal in Nov, an article in the Brit Times today,

    “Whithall letting foxes in the Chicken coop”

    by Dean Godson is just a taste of things to come for Unionists.

    The Government’s willingness to back IRA-run ‘community justice restorative’ schemes is a parody of justice.

    WHAT KIND of a criminal justice system is it that seeks to incorporate into its ranks one of the IRA killers who lynched two British corporals in Belfast in 1988? Or some of those who helped to destroy the evidence after Robert McCartney was murdered by the Provisionals in early 2005? Answer: the criminal justice system of the new Northern Ireland.

    Crazy, but true. As part of the latest batch of goodies to keep the peace process going, the Government is about to issue preposterously lax proposals that would allow convicted terrorists to play a key supervisory role in Ulster’s restorative justice programme. “Restorative justice” is a fashionable concept whereby criminals are forced to come face to face with the victims of their deeds and must make swift recompense……..

    Worse still, the Government seems intent on letting the foxes into the chicken coop without so much as a Commons debate, at the very end of the parliamentary session. It is, in its own way, an even greater scandal than “cash for honours”.,,6-2274422,00.html

  • Peking

    Turbo Paul

    Wise up, the problem will be for the ordinary catholics living in areas under the control of government sponsored, IRA fascist policing. Hence Durkan’s intervention.

  • Turbo Paul

    You are partly right, but the problem will be for both sides if PIRA and UVF etc take control of their area’s.

    But what the hell, the Brits don’t care, if the NI budget can be slashed, devolved power to NI, what goes on the ground is the last thing the Brit govt cares about.

    So, buy off the Paramilitaries, give them local power, devolve power to the assembley, withdraw and let NI run its own affairs.

    Even without devolved power the same will apply, Brit withdrawl by proxy will come even sooner.

    The train is about to leave the station this Nov and the DUP must make sure they are aboard, if not then Anglo-Irish co-operation will accelerate leaving Unionism waking up one day to find Ireland is harmonised and united in all but name.

    If the DUP fail to grasp the nettle and make a deal, it will be a dis-service to their electorate because of the potential Anglo-Irish co-operation as a backlash.

  • fair_deal

    Turbo / Peking

    I opened a thread about that the Godson article earlier today.

  • Paul

    The UDA might have pissed on their own parade by shouting the odds on this one. The PIRA have had a similar payout via the stealthy SF takeover of the community sector in nationalist areas. They have managed it without as much as a question in the house.

  • joeCanuck

    Well quite a few of them are civil servants, sort of.
    So now they want early retirement.

  • bertie

    The title ssays it all! Why should be ve suprised that terrorists will try and extract protection money, especially when goverments are so keen to appease them