Buddy can you spare me a shilling?

Although it’s been widely known in the Advice Sector for months, DETI announced today that NIACAB have won the contract to provide money and debt advice in Northern Ireland for the next 2 years, until March 2008.

Debt is a rising and increasingly worrying problem for clients, advisors and our foster government, so the idea of a structured approach should be welcomed. House reposessions are taking place at the rate of 9-14 per week at the moment, for example.

Unfortunately, there doesnt seem to be a Freephone helpline for clients, so the service may remain elusive for many who would prefer telephone advice. The ROI introduced a MABS system several years ago, which is a comprehensive service that has bedded down and performed well. Lets hope that the CAB money advice programme can perform as well and deliver a much needed service.

  • Debt Advice
    It should start in schools and children should be encouraged to save up and then buy. If you can’t afford it don’t buy it.

    It’s sad that there isn’t much interest here about this post unless everyone assumed it was another Help keep Slugger lit! post.

  • Miss Fitz

    Good point Cybez, thanks.

    I have a huge interest in this subject, so like you, I feel it should be a bigger issue.

    CAB have a very good schools programme, to be fair, and it is well implemented.

    Sad thing is that consumer debt is out of all proportion now, and as mentioned in the post, about 14 houses a week are being re-possessed for one reason or another.Will try again perhaps to raise interest in this

  • I think it was Panorama ( a few weeks ago) exposed how the banks are encouraging debt.

    Debt that leads to suicide.

    I’m sure there are some stories that would shock the Northern Irish public about what is happening here, if a similar investigation was carrried out and broadcast.