Beach Alert in Newcastle

I feel like a grown up Slugger now, harking back to an old entry of mine- but I referred to the quality of our beaches in one of my first posts. The Good Beach Guide issued Newcastle, Co Down with a warning back in May over treatment of sewage.

I note today that the Beach had to be closed after the discovery of raw sewage in the area. With today being called the hottest day of the century, things can only get worse, and it sounds like someone needs to get their act together real quick. It was 30.5 degrees celsius, and that was 87 farenheit in old money

Down District Council, which is responsible for the beach, shut down a section of shore and the boating pond shortly before 2.30pm. A council spokeswoman said the decision was made in the interests of public safety. Earlier that day, 1,500 fish were found dead in the River Shimna in Newcastle. Discharge from a nearby Water Service sewage pumping station is thought to be the cause of the deaths.