O wad some Power the giftie gie us..

Well, thanks to the Belfast Telegraph’s Lindy McDowell, who’s just spent 3 weeks in the US where she was able to keep up to date with local events via the Bel Tel [natch – Ed], Newshound and Slugger, we can as Robert Burns put it “see oursels as ithers see us!” And, the complaint of prissiness aside [*ahem* – Ed], there are some points worth remembering, in particular what makes for a good discussion:

But what is so good about it is that you constantly get the impression not just of people wanting to make a point. But of people wanting to listen. I like that.

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    Hey Fair Deal, you’re in there…..

  • slug

    “There’s a nice piece on it from a contributor, Fair Deal, recalling his childhood. But most telling, I thought, is that the debate has been started by someone who obviously is not of the Orange tradition, possibly has no time for it even, but still wants to learn about it.”

    This is a reference to Miss Fitz I think. Well deserved, as Miss Fitz’s coverage of the 12th has for mee been a high point of Slugger in recent times.

  • Pete Baker

    Actually, slug, I think it was Chris’s post

    Not that Miss Fitz doesn’t deserve the praise.. far from it. 🙂

  • heck

    a small point I know, but Liddy McDowell describes her self in the article as a pacifist.

    I seem to recall that she supported the honest tony’s illegal invasion of Iraq an I think she supports that Israeli retaliations against Palestinians. This does not seem like a pacifist position to me.

    Maybe my memory is wrong, If so please correct me.

  • Pete Baker


    that’s about as far off-topic as I can remember anyone ever posting a comment.

    Keep to the ball!

  • Pete Baker

    [off prissiness]

  • McGrath

    My work keeps me abroad almost constantly, I largely depend on Slugger to give me the insight newspaper’s cant.

    I do get depressed when some threads descend into the same old same old. Slugger has tempered my opinion on various issues but some contributors seem to be immune to even the slightest opinion change, it seems their bitterness has consumed them.

  • irishinuk

    I know I’ve learned alot about the north from slugger, especially the unionist prespective.

    I didnt realise how high the standard of debate is here until I started reading the gaurdian blog.

  • German-American

    I’m surprised no one picked up on Lindy McDowell’s blooper: “… Mick has a rule that those contributing to debate on the site must ‘play the man not the ball'”. This mis-quote didn’t appear to confuse the resident Sluggerites, but I’m sure it caused lots of other people to wonder what was so special about the site.

  • Pete Baker

    Dammit German-American.

    It just passed me by. Well spotted! :O)

    Play the man it is! [eh?- Ed]

  • Miss Fitz

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference!

  • so does this ball playing confusion mean i can start kicking in a few ?

    let me know soon, i have this list … you see.

  • Resolve

    Slugger could not be better. The only criticisms that I could offer would be those stemming from debating N.I politics in general, and not of the site itself. It is excellent.

  • Pete Baker

    Don’t we all, Nicholas, don’t we all.. ;o)

  • Abdul-Rahim

    I am just commenting to tell the team here about how wonderful this website is. I’ve never been the Northern Irland or the ROI, and didn’t even know I was interested in them, but I got a newsreader add-on for firefox a few months ago and was perousing for sites to keep myself informed on. And lo and behold, months later i find (i try) to keep myself read up on most of the posts and feel like i’ve learned so much about all the things going on in N. Ireland. It’s so interesting and inspires one to look around for background information and would just like to thankyou all.

    (also sorry for how poorly written this is, you all put me to shame)



    You should try commenting more.Don’t worry about the standard of English, since some of us native English speakers often mangle the language as well.

    It’s always interesting to hear from other localities, especially when one can offer an insight on their own issues and how they relate when measured against the issues in Northern Ireland.

  • McGrath


    I am, on this occasion, proud of you.


    Thanks Daddy.

  • McGrath


    Dont mention it, my son.

  • Nathan

    One word of advice to Lindy:

    You ought to be a tad bit cautious when Slugger commentators get the urge to disclose personal experiences, because it is often done for ulterior motives e.g. to validate their argument (by the way fair_deal, I’m not insinuating that you’ve been a culprit (intentional or otherwise) in any of your posts to date)

    Recently, when Aaron felt it appropriate to dedicate a thread to one of my offerings, I found that some commentators preferred to operate a production line of personal/anecdotal evidence to support their claims (i.e. that life was either a bed of roses or a rough rollercoaster ride for the One Southern Protestant People, depending upon which version of politically-motivated, personal experiences you wish to believe on here). Unfortunately, they wern’t half as quick to deal with the substance of the thread.

    This for me is one of the negative features of slugger. At times the readership has to endure personal sob-stories which are driven by emotion, bias, and potential inaccuracies rather than anything verifiable.