New twist in McKendry story

Helen McKendry says a member of the IRA gang that kidnapped her mother has claimed that they got the wrong woman.

  • I kind of hope this story is true.

    But the source is the “Sunday Life” ?

  • missfitz

    Surely the source is Helen McKendry, Nicholas?

    Sadly, it makes a lot of sense. I guess if they realised they had made a mistake, it was a bit late to return her remains to the family, and er… um…. oops….

    It might truly and finally explain why she needed to disappear, as her return would have been so damaging to them. In a fine twist of justice, her death has continued to haunt the RM.

  • Colm

    so the Provos, who from my understanding, had a massive presence in the Divis Flats around the time of the murder, got the wrong person but someone with the same surname? somehow i find this extremely hard to believe. from reading accounts by various people with varying agendas, they didn’t just go around killing informants without proper investigation as to the accuracy, not least civilians who weren’t part of the IRA.

    also, Helen McKendry (where’s the rest of the family btw? she’s the only one i’ve ever heard in the media), is she now going with this murdered because of the same surname, or is she going with her “killed for comforting an unidentified wounded soldier” line? or is she just changing between them when it suits?

    how does she know this member of the gang that kidnapped her mother is just that?

    i would have thought other publications other than gutter press like the Sunday Life would have picked up on her comments if they actually held some credibility.

  • barnshee

    The real problem here is that ur gerry was in charge at the time of the murder.
    his reactions when it (and La Mon) are mentioned in his presence speak volumes especially as he don`t


    Is it possible to have Gerry held to account for war crimes?

  • sauce for the goose

    “Is it possible to have Gerry held to account for war crimes?”

    Plenty of british prime ministers should be held to account for their contribution over the last thirty years also.

  • Rory

    Whatever of the Sunday Life‘s heroic effort at fearless journalistic investigation here, there will be some, who, while yet concious of Ms McKendry’s concerns, will nevertheless conclude that this latest statement may be just ” a day too late and a dollar short”.

  • Glen Taisie

    Adams Knows.