MEP needs a little help with her research

We now know that Lindy McDowell depends on Slugger when abroad, it’s just a pity that others don’t use Slugger to broaden their minds. I see Mary Lou McDonald has contributed a piece to Daily Ireland (I know, I know), on the subject of our recent period of festivities. I can understand that she needs to take a party line, and join in the condemnation, but her article displays a real lack of insight, knowledge and factual information. There is nothing compromising about what she has written, and no positive noises for reducing tyres on bonfires or anything else being done in a constructive manner. It’s a bitter little piece of writing, and perhaps the main point she is making is about the funding reduction for Féile.
‘one of the largest community festivals in western Europe, was recently denied funding. This community success story, which has the principle of inclusiveness at its core, has worked hard to bring people together, rather than preach the politics of separation

If you don’t live in Northern Ireland, the least you can do is try to inform yourself fully and accurately as to the totality of the subject you are preaching upon. I would suggest a good read of Slugger for Ms McDonald.