Unlocking the Slugger ‘Brain Trust’

On and off for the past 9-12 months I have been working on a personal analysis of Unionism and its future. When I first agreed to be a blogger on the site I mentioned I wanted to do an online consultation about it. I have had a couple of conversations with Mick about how best to utilise the site to do this but no real conclusions were reached. Now I want your views.The unfinished paper has 8 sections (part of the reason to start consulting is to motivate me to finish it). The intention would be to put up a section at a time for comment. I thought a sectional approach would enable earlier comments to have the ability to influence the conclusions as well as make it easier for people to read.

Unlike a normal thread the aim would not be for a debate among sluggerites but seeking their advice and criticisms and outline any ommissions from and agreement with the analysis that I am offering.

As this paper is about Unionism it is primarily the response of Unionists I am looking for. However, as some of the analysis goes beyond the bounds of Northern Ireland and Unionism the input of others would be useful too but as the thread needs to keep focus and not disappear down a inter-community debate or some tangental cul-de-sac. Thus I am considering two threads, one for unionist comment and one for all others, this would be a self-regulatory approach (Update I’ve dropped the idea).

What do you think about the sectional approach? How can debate maintain a focus? Will two threads and self-regulation work? (Already answered loud and clear, No) What alternative suggestions do you have for managing an online consultation?