The (too many to remember) Commandments

I picked this up over at Will Crawley’s place. American Congressman Lynne Westmoreland has been promoting a controversial campaign to have the 10 Commandments placed in Public offices, schools and other public spaces. He agreed to be interviewed on Comedy Central by Stephen Colbert. So, what’s the story? Well, remember the Boy Scout motto ‘Be Prepared’? Seems the Congressman forgot to prepare himself on 10 minor details and the result is worth watching. If you need a wee laugh.

  • Rory

    Hilarious! I think the good Congressman would have been wise to have observed the first commandment for idiots –

    “Do not let yourself be interviewed by Steve Colbert”.

  • Nevin

    Excellent, Miss Fitz. Perhaps Colbert could do a little work for Hearts and Minds. He could get Ian Paisley to quote from the KJV and Gerry Adams from the IRA Green Book ..

    PS Do I detect a Just William crush? 😉

  • Miss Fitz

    He’s very cute, but a bit young for Miss Fitz.

    Anyway, don’t I have my hands full with all my admirers here?

  • Animus

    My soundcard doesn’t work – but the clip still works! The look of confusion on Westmoreland’s face is absolutely priceless. I heart Stephen Colbert.

  • Nevin

    So you see him as a Toy Boy – nice markings and a bit of a stallion – but you prefer grumpy old men?

  • Miss Fitz

    I’ve seemed destined to be with grumpy old men since I was a teenager waiting hand and foot, on the exceptionally grumpy old men of Dublin politics.

    However, if a Toy Boy was to make me laugh like that link you sent me, I might, in my dotage, re-consider……

  • Greenflag

    We need Steve Colbert to interview some our Dail politicians 🙂

    Don’t steal , Don’t lie, Don’t commit adultery , Don’t covet the taxpayer’s money ?

    And there I was thinking that those were just the perks of office .

    Steve could have a field day in NI . Only one commandment – Don’t do nuttin and get paid for it 🙁

    Beats Congress and the Dail /Westminister any day ?

    I can’t believe that Westmoreland was that ‘dumb’ ?

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    Nevin…if paisly is to quote from the king james protestant bible…why not gerry adams quote from the Catholic Bible…they are different and it would be consistant with the Commandment theme.

    Was wondering what this thread has to do with…
    “Slugger O’Toole Notes on Northern Ireland politics and culture?”

  • Moochin photoman

    Kathy C….
    Perhaps it has more to do with politicians the world over. The venear that can be scratched to show how stupid some of our public representatives really are. There are plenty of politicians, as noted elsewhere on slugger, that will only do live interviews to ensure that the interview is not edited in a way to show them in a bad light.
    very funny piece of film and deserving of a veiwing

  • Miss Fitz

    It’s called humour.

    I like the odd bit of humour, and since we have collectively emerged reasonably unscathed from our annual walkathon, I felt it was appropriate.

    When I was asked to be a blogger, my single remit as a guest blogger is to capture things that interest me. That’s what I try to do, and I really dont mind if it doesnt appeal to people, I am quite content in what I do and how I do it.

    My mantra to anyone who doesnt like my threads is reasonably well known, dont read it and read someone elses. That’s not meant to be rude, it’s simply I post in an eclectic fashion suitable to some and not all readers of Sluggers. And I hope to continue to do it until someone pulls the plug!

  • TL

    That was great! But come on, he was just playing along wasn’t he? He must have been able to name them! (Please God let it have been a joke)
    Thanks for the laugh Miss Fitz…and if someone pulls the plug I’ll give ya my personal email, I enjoy your dispatches.

  • Animus

    I am constantly surprised that people are taken in by Stephen Colbert, but they are. Why else would he have been booked at the now infamous White House Correspondents’ Dinner?

    I don’t think it was a joke TL.

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,

    Miss Fitz, I always like to view the ‘whole picture’…(I thought the pun might get you to smile). Because this is a board about what goes on in the north of Ireland…and there has been a concerted effort by the security forces of britian…MI5 and MI6…to try an anger the US supporters of those in the north of Ireland trying to unite with Ireland and no longer be part of the UK. It hasn’t been that long that Donaldson a high ranking member of sinn fein was outed as working for the brits and for cultivating the policy of doing all he could to offend and isolate Irish American…especially Irish American Conservatives. So, I look at the big picture…Irish Americans come here to see what is going on…in the north of Ireland…and see once again, the Irish Republicans– bashing and laughing at the American Christian Conservatives. Whether it is funny or not…I didn’t see as the issue…I did see that whether funny or not…it had nothing to do with the north of Ireland except raise the issue once again and laugh at Christian American Conservatives.

  • Miss Fitz

    This is the White House dinner speech, hilarious really! Thanks animus

  • TL

    24.10 minutes later…
    That was a SCREAM. The Helen Thomas bit was great. If you are a Stephen Colbert fan check out “Strangers with Candy” the series or now the movie.

  • joeCanuck

    Kathy, if the only thing that interests you is what goes on in N.I. then I feel sorry for you.
    American Christian Conservatives are as fair a game as the Cathoilc Church
    (see Pete Baker’s post on the Broadcasting tribunal ruling).
    Thank you for that laugh Miss Fitz. It’s amazing how many “idiots” go on the Colbert report and allow themselves to be displayed as, indeed, idiots.

  • Greenflag

    ‘it had nothing to do with the north of Ireland except raise the issue once again and laugh at Christian American Conservatives. ‘

    Have you seen the Father Ted series ? And if you did did it make you laugh ? It makes most Irish people laugh . If we can laugh at our Irish Catholic clergy and make a million jokes about Paisley then we can surely laugh at the antics of some American ‘christian’ conservatives .

    Even more so when they set themselves up to be laughed at . Not enough people laughed at Hitler until it was too late .

    Thank you Miss Fitz . This may be inappropriate or you may you laugh but rumour has it there was once a German prophylactic with the brand name
    Fitznicentite 🙂

  • Welcome to my world, Sluggiepoos.

    Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.
    – Mark Twain

    The Colbert Report (pronounced rapport, just to sound more French and bug O’Rielly more) was designed as a parody of The O’Rielly Factor. It meets and sometimes surpasses it’s design allowables as long as O’Rielly doesn’t succeed in surpassing as a parody of himself.

    The case in point are two interviews on FOX’s “The O’Rielly Factor” in which O’Reilly was attempting to blunt the Abu Ghraib thing as well as when a group from the 1st Marines allegedly ran amok in Haditha. In both cases he stated that we executed a large group of Germans at Malmedy as part of his argument. The line was yeah, yeah, it’s terrible but things like this always happen in wartime like take WWII when our loveable GI’s killed all those Germans at Malmedy, yada, yada, yada.

    Wes Clark was first in his class at West Point, a Rhodes Scholar, later taught at West Point and went on to earn four stars and become the first general we ever fired for winning a war without losing a man. He might know a thing or two about a thing or two.

    He pointed out that it was the Germans who executed the Americans, O’Rielly dismissed it both times and told him to go look it up, the Americans executed the Germans.

    The icing on the cake came when Rupert hired Winston Smith to set things right and change the online version of the FOX transcript from Malmedy to Normandy. When the blogs and MSNBC picked up on the ruse Normandy was changed back to Malmedy.

  • The real message in the White House Correspondents Dinner story is that the story went unreported even though the room was stacked to the rafters with journalists.

    If it isn’t reported, it never happened.

    The way the story eventually came out is because it became a donnybrook in the blogsphere with Bushies and Liberals knocking the piss out of one another over Colbert’s brazen satire of both Bush and the press. God help you if you ever paint the US press a bunch of cowardly administration stenographers. You disappear.

    Several days after the event the Washington Post reported the blog activity and it oozed into the mainstream media thusly.

  • maura

    Thanks, that was hilarious. I also saw the White house Dinner video, it was absolutely hilarious to see the look on Bush’s face and the toadies in the audience. Colbert’s satire- brilliant!
    While on holidays in the United States, I got a chance to see Sean Hannity on the telly. Bill O ‘Reilly, well he is a crackpot, but Sean Hannity- well i can’t even find the words to describe how despicable the wee runt is. He sits there with a pen held between his fingers, uses it to point at people when he is verbally harassing them, and conjures up this ‘intellectual furrowing of his brow’ that is a wonder to behold while listening to the tripe that leaves his lips.
    Al Franken does quite to job on Hannity, and co.
    Thanks again MissFitz.

  • how despicable the wee runt is

    When Jon Stewart satirizes Hanity & Colmes he replaces the adults with children and has them read out their parts on the FOX program transcripts.

  • Oh CRAP I’m a marked man!!!!!! NOOOO I’m not in the CIA, FBI, MI5. MI6, NSA or any other organisation. Although I am employed by the BBC.

    Don’t blame me, blame!!!! I confess under the terrible pressure you have put me under — yes it was I was the one. Oh go(odness)d the pressure.

    I sent Will an email with the link … he posted it on his blog … Mizzfitz had the daring do to post it here (OMG!!!! I hear the knocking at the door NOW!!)

    There is no point to this except my unquentiable need to undermine the Christian Right!!

    There again – you might like to consider that I hold the Commandments as a set of universal truths (regardless of denomination or religion)and grandstanding on them with out knowing them is …. ohhh someone here will find the word I’m looking for ….

    BTW – how can someone judge wheter I covet my neighbours goods ….. (let alone their wives — Husbands out of the pentalty area then?)

    OK I just thought it was funny — stone me!

  • maura

    ‘There again – you might like to consider that I hold the Commandments as a set of universal truths (regardless of denomination or religion)and grandstanding on them with out knowing them is …. OK I just thought it was funny—stone me! ‘

    It was funny. After reading it, I attempted to recite the 10, managed 9, and I am not even trying to legislate on them!!!!

  • joeCanuck

    Can you covet the wife of someone who lives in another neighbourhood, or other country?

    And is ok for a woman to covet another woman’s husband?

  • keep up the good work Mizfitz.

    Some people have a sense of humour by-pass.

    Its that auld “Isaac Hayes” syndrome.

  • Rory

    I loved the understatement of the caption of the Olbermann broadcast, Smilin’ Jim, – “Olbermann Spanks O’Reilly” – “spanks”? He fuckin’ eviscerated the bastard. It was like Horatio marmalising Lars Porsena at the Pontine Bridge – “and scarce the ranks of Tuscany could yet forbear to cheer”.

    If I wasn’t already spoken for (read held in captivity) by her lovely Herself, I would have to ask him to marry me I love him so much.

    With men like Olbermann and Colbert (and maybe even the odd oul’ rogue from the Barbary Coast) still around there is yet hope that even the ghost of Jefferson still hovering will marmalise the real anti-American forces spearheaded by the neo-cons.

    More Mark Twain and Ambrose Bierce and Dashiell Hammett, the real superheroes of yesteryear, and a bit less Superman might help.

  • I loved the understatement of the caption of the Olbermann broadcast,

    That Billy O is still working is proof positive that we pray to gods with more of a sense of humor than justice.

    Consider the possibility that Billy O is channeling Ted Knight, a great character actor who we lost in the 80’s.

    The one thing to come out of the 70’s to make up for pet rocks, mood rings and platform shoes was the Ted Baxter character that Knight created on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Ted was a blustering eegit like Billy O who was barely tolerated by the newsroom boss, Lou Grant (played by Ed Asner).

    My favorite line from that show was when the Grant character was talking to Mary in the back of the studio as the Baxter character was pompously delivering the news in sonorous tones. I’ll paraphrase it as best I can:

    “You know Mary, it never amazes me when Ted sticks his foot in his mouth…… it’s when he sticks the other one in as well.”

  • willis

    I think that if someone came up with a video of Richard Dawkins making an ass of himself it would be enjoyed with glee.

    Thing is, he may be pompous but he aint stupid.

  • Rory

    I remember Ted Knight, Smilin’ Jim, and I remember that ‘foot-in-moth’ episode. But I best remember Ed Asner – what a guy! He was a leader in the Actors’ Union, a mate of Ossie Lewis, recently gone to the Big Good Ol’ Brotherhood in the Sky, and a really helpful friend when, in the Troops Out Movement, we launched an initiative for an International Labour Tribunal on Ireland. He pulled out all the stops (Henry Winkler ‘The Fonz’ climbed on board the train because Ed said it was kosher – and ‘Fonz’ was mega big back then) and when he came to London he, and his very ill wife, Sarah Churchill, were gracious in the extreme. And Asner was still ‘Lou Grant’ in those days – as big as it got in contemporary ‘celeb’ terms. A no bullshit, straight shooter and a true man for all seasons.

  • Lafcadio

    I’m watching Colbert’s performance at the white house correspondants association – while it scores points for balls-out chutzpah, as ever his material is much better than his delivery, which is of his usual mediocre standard..