Famous night for Candystripes

Cracking away win for Derry City tonight over IFK Gothenburg (two time winners of the UEFA cup). Fingers crossed they hold out in the second leg – the BBC report it’ll be their first win on aggregate in Europe since they joined the League of Ireland in 1985.

  • paddyjoebelfast

    fair play to them. we went up to derrys last home game last season and the craic was great. just a pity they werent up to it against cork in the last match. incidentally, cork also had a great result last night. league of ireland is certainly looking good these days.congratulations to all involved.

  • stan

    Brilliant result for DC

    Great to see Derry & Cork flying the flag for Irish football in europe.

  • Chris Donnelly


    Just came on to post a thread on this great result and see you’ve beaten me to it. Drogheda also had a good result tonight, 1-1 away, setting up the real possibility of all three sides making it through in to the next round in their respective competitions. The League of Ireland teams seem to be going from strength to strength in recent times.

  • dantheman

    well done derry, no irish holiday for mr alexandersson and the lads!

    sad 12th week for the blues, the ports and the glens alas.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Incredible result for Derry. Maybe a mural is in order!

  • Glen Man

    Congratulations to Derry on an outstanding result, and I presume, performance too.

    The Mighty Glentoran were very unlucky last night….

  • Prince Eoghan

    What a result. I bet they played better than Engurland in the recent hardly noticed event

  • belfastwhite

    Best result for an Irish Team for some time. Keep it going lads!

  • dantheman

    Derry completed the job, which is good news for Irish teams when they enter future european competitions. Onwards and upwards for the eircom league.

    On the other hand the “occupied 6 county orange statelet” league produced two losers yet again and fall behind wales and er kazakhstan in the ratings to 47 out of 52 teams. Only faroe islands, san marino, andorra, luxembourg and malta have poorer leagues than the irish league. Just goes to conculsively prove that Catholicism is the superior religion. Only 4 world cups have gone to predominately protestant countries, whereas the pope of rome has helped bring 14 trophies back to his congregation.

  • tra g

    Another great night for Irish football.

    And what a night for Derry at the Brandywell this evening.

    A 1.0 victory over Gothenburg sends them easily into the next round of the UEFA cup.

    Well Done the Candystripes.

    A brilliant win for Drogheda as well this evening.

    A 3-1 win over Helsinki puts them into the UEFA second round alongside Derry.

    Last night Cork City were unlucky to concede an own goal in the 1-0 defeat against Red Star Belgrade in the second qualifying round of the Champions League.

    Well done to all 3 Irish sides & just shows the continued improvement in the Eircom League.

    Heres hoping we might have a few more Darron Gibson’s or Kevin Doyle’s in the teams who will progress to Staunton’s international team.

  • james

    Pity only 2500 were allowed into the ground

  • faartrick

    there will be more people allowed in to the ‘stephen o flynn national stadium’ when it is opened

  • Realist

    Fantastic performances by both Derry City & Drogheda.

    Congratulations to both Clubs and their supporters.

    I hope the draw for the next round is kind to both of them.

    “league of ireland is certainly looking good these days”

    Don’t say that to Dublin City fans.

  • George

    “Don’t say that to Dublin City fans.”

    Have you ever met one Realist?

    The standard of the Eircom League has really improved as Derry and Drogheda’s performances show (Cork weren’t half bad either) but nobody is going to the matches.

    Apart from the European games, attendances are down. Shels, probably the best team in the league, are in trouble and Dublin City have just gone to the wall.

    There’s also the virtual demise of Shamrock Rovers.

    There just doesn’t seem to be the support there which is pity as the teams are actually playing a bit of football these days.