A picture paints a thousand words

Been trying to pick my favourite image from the past 2 days, and it’s not easy, but I think I can combine both communities reasonably well with the picture featured. I’ve uploaded quite a few more to the Flickr site if anyone wants to see the 12th through the eyes of a wandering, Irish American woman in Northern Ireland.

  • Moochin photoman

    Heres a link to the Everyday Orange group on flickr, with contributors from as far a field as New Zealand, Eygypt and the US of A


  • robert

    Good to see that the orange order have hired a band who have a new banner commemorating another uff murderer, as shown on utv this evening, Joe Bratty was a senior member of the uff in South Belfast and was responsible for dozens of murders including the attack 7 murder of catholics in a bookmaker’s shop on the Ormeau Road.

    And people wonder why missiles were thrown on the Ormeau bridge this evening

  • MF I saw a similar drum (probably the same one) adorned with one Mr Adams’ visage. Tried to get a photo, but unforutunately someone walked past the camera at just the wrong moment 🙁

    Couldn’t help but laugh though.

  • Miss Fitz

    Down in Bradbury Place Beano? I didnt catch that one!

  • Rory

    Isn’t that Sven Goran Erickson, without his specs, pictured on your featured drum? I wonder if Ronaldo is on the other side.

  • sb

    A picture of the Lisburn road this evening would be most approriate. Anyone who had the mis-fortune to travel it would have seen a solitary road-sweeper attemting to clear a mountain of waste big enough to fill the Titanic. The hilarity of trying to make the 12th a tourist attraction there for all to see. Only hope D.I. have had the same thought.

  • binlid

    Surely that is mr Burns from the Simpsons on the bass drum.

  • Rory

    You could well be right, Binlid. Maybe Sven and Burns are in fact one and the same person. No one has ever seen them together after all, have they?

  • Prince Eoghan

    All those butch big guys, all militaristic with the one whose bum they adore on the drum. Just luuuurved those sexy cowboy hats, oh and black is sooooooo the new orange. Any more of this and I might have to turn, jeeezo, all this repressed homosexuality, just come out the closet why dontcha;¬)

    Before anybody get’s the wrong idea, I’m too scared to try it in case I like it;¬)

  • big bad john

    prince epghan, why on every other post do you make reference to homosexuals, bi-sexuals, mens bums etc etc, im not a physcologist but im painting a picture here………………

  • equaliser

    missfitz, you seem pretty handy with a camera, why dont you go down the road into newry and take some photos of the sectarian and intimidating IRA murals/monumnets that protestants living in the town have to endure 365 days a year, it just doesnt compare to the sight of a tri-colour being burnt 1 night of the year. And go up the camlough road on the 15th august where you will see a bonfire, which for the last few years has been adorned with flags and banners stolen from local orange halls.

  • Prince Eoghan

    big bad john.

    If yir askin, ahm dancin.

    How’s life treating you at west brom these days, ach it was good while it lasted. “he’s got no haiiiiir, but we don’t caaaaare, walkin in a Hartson wonderland”

  • overhere

    You do have to admit, it looks more like “Brokeback Mountain ” then “Tigers Bay” unless Tigers Bay is the indian equivilent of Brokeback mountain.
    As for closet homsexuals, being a Proud homosexual I say good on the Orange Order welcoming minority sections of the community now if only they could extend that sentiment

  • Miss Fitz

    I’m a little hurt by that, I had hoped that the photos I posted gave a broad range of the colour, vibrancy and essence of the day. No point avoiding a central part of the activity by ignoring the bonfire.

    I am by no means a good photographer, but the parade photos I have posted since March are just where I have happened to be, or where I have gone to do research for a book I am considering trying to write.

    I will certainly capture images on the 15th of August, but I cant guarantee they will be to your liking. As to murals, again, I take them as I see them and my photo postings are fairly representative, I think and hope.

    As to Newry, most of the murals are within the communities,ie Derrybeg and Barcroft, although there are several 25th Hunger Strike ones I havent yet photographed, but they are on the list!

  • Prince Eoghan

    Miss Fitz.

    Your pictures are magic, it’s those you are photographing that have the problem. I resemble overhere’s comments congratulating the acceptance of minorities, don’t let the begrudgers get to you. Now ride em cowboy. yee ha. Brokeback here ah come.

    Now, again for the hard of thinking. I’m too scared to try it in case I like it;¬)

  • MF, photograph what you like and ignore anyone who can’t even make suggestions without sounding bitter about it.

    Re: the drum, it was up the Lisburn Road a bit where I saw it, but I’m fairly sure it was also Tigers Bay.

    But I’ve also noticed your picture is taken on the return leg (between the hats and the direction they’re walking), when I saw it it was on the way out.

  • equaliser

    mizz fitz, my comments in no way were meant to be hurtful in any way, so apologies if i offended you. What i was we ALL have to be balanced, there is far too much “my side good – your side bad” mentality” on this site. BOTH sides have to start moving towards accomodating each other, and the ball is indeed rolling.

    However regarding your post “As to Newry, most of the murals are within the communities,ie Derrybeg and Barcroft”, that is firstly not true (and btw the 12th bonfires ARE in their own communities, so does that make burning tricolurs ok ?)

    Some of the monuments in newry very contraversially were funded by ratepayers money handed out by the SF controlled council. One being the flagpole and granite hunger striker plaque in kilmorey street. The hideous blanket man which was placed in what remained of fisher park (a park given by a protestant family to the people of newry), sure even in warrenpoint the SF office had t-shirts of armed IRA terrorists in their front windows. All these are surely fantastic tourist attractions ???, and as i say every 15th union jacks and orange banners etc are burnt on the camlough road, i wonder are those who are “sickened” by the sight of tricolours being burn as equally offended by these sights, i doubt it.

  • lib2016


    Cogratulations for putting a good case well. There’s no excuse for the sort of carry-on you describe on the Camlough Rd. where peoples symbols are attacked.

    Not so sure about your attack on the blanket man. It commemorates a non-violent protest after all and Newry is a republican town. If the British Legion have a right to their symbols and their War Memorial then republicans have a right to their statues.

    For similar reasons I would argue that it is better to encourage political organisations like the Sinn Fein shop in Warrenpoint. Ideally I would like to see a loyalist one beside it.

  • mario el argentino

    No offence, but…

    Why are the women in these parades so unattractive? Some of them would give Freddy Krugger nightmares.

    Perhaps if these parades had more babes, as in carnaval, than nobody would object to them.

    Just the humble opinion of an alpha male.

  • Miss Fitz

    I’m not trying to be funny here, but the Orange women in the photo I posted are from Glasgow.

    Anyway, you should be searching for cultural meaning not babes….. tsk tsk

  • Mario el argentino

    Yes, I am ashamed of myself.

    But, babes can be cultural, just look at Brazil.

  • missfitz

    I’m really sorry, but you left that one wide open……….

    We’re not Brazil we’re Northern Ireland
    We’re not Brazil we’re Northern Ireland… la la la la la
    (I dont know the rest of the words)

  • circles

    Just thank god that its over for another year.
    The sooner these monkeys get back to the zoo,taking their wonderful sense of humour with them the better.
    (no offense meant two monkeys of course – chimpanzees are after all closer to humans than some of the marchers from yesterday: And chimps knuckles don’t scrape the ground half as much 😉

  • circles

    Oooops – thats to not two!

  • Mario el argentino

    We’re not Brazil we’re Northern Ireland
    We’re not Brazil we’re Northern Ireland… la la la la la

    Indeed Northern Ireland football team, you are definitely not Brazil, I could not agree with you more, and I doubt anybody mistakes Ronaldinho as a Ulster striker..

    Cheers and good luck in the ( what cup does that team compete for?) =)

  • Prince Eoghan

    I’m not trying to be funny here, but the Orange women in the photo I posted are from Glasgow.

    Anyway, you should be searching for cultural meaning not babes….. tsk tsk

    Posted by Miss Fitz on Jul 13, 2006 @ 05:15 PM

    I’ll have you know that it is compulsory here in Glasgow to have a certain “look” to obtain entry into the OO. This look is all too obvious in the photo, I am much too well brought up to mention the obvious. Needless to say anyone visiting Glasgow city centre would be amazed at the beauties on display. The only place coming close in my estimation is Derry, granted I’ve only been there twice, but was very impressed.

    Oh and Miss Fitz, on the culture thing, did you happen to notice any perchance;¬)

  • smirkyspice

    i’m not a huge fan of the orange marching or the shinners…this picture makes me laugh, ach marty look what they’ve done to you! do you suppose mmcg gave them the picture to use as a goodwill/cross-community gesture 😉