Male students graduate in invisibility..!

ANYONE been looking at the graduation lists in the newspapers? Plenty of variety in the names, but judging by the accompanying photos of graduates, I reckon the only two men in Northern Ireland to get honours this year were TV host Eamonn McCann and GAA legend Mickey Harte. Has 2006 we just seen (or not) the least photogenic men in QUB and UU history graduate?! I’m sure the female students will be leaping to your defence, Class of 2006…

  • Miss Fitz

    Funny you should say that Gonzo, as I too had gone to Queens hoping to find a good looking man…. Great minds and all that? 🙂

    Not one good looking prospect the whole time I was there, a fact often bemoaned by me to the authorities.

  • Its an academic institution, not a glamour magazine for fecks sake!

    And on behalf of the class of 2006, consider your card marked Mr. Gonzo! Revenge is a dish best served cold…………

  • I’m glad I didn’t just take my degree and run this year. Here’s to the class of 2007 😉

  • I would like to echo the calls of my 2006 graduate comrade NR, your card has indeed been marked Gonzo!

    Some of us have REAL degrees, not media studies ones 😉

  • Mick Fealty

    How can you say Eamon is not photogenic?

  • Miss Fitz

    Was it not Eamonn Holmes?

  • feismother

    Perhaps McCann is Gerry Kelly’s replacement.

  • willis

    Well one place you will find Eamon McCann, not Holmes is on a Picket Line.

  • heres hoping

    but it wont be mcanns job at risk, hes ok to fight the good fight when he has no risk

  • Rory

    The male graduates of the class of 2006 need not lose hope. With all the pioneering advances in plastic surgery in the north there may be a remedy to hand.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    I meant Eamonn Holmes – good spot Miss Fitz!