Don’t worry- be happy

That’s it, I think I’ll just do happy stories from now until everyone becomes sane again after the July fortnight. I tried to get one of William Crawley’s free books in the July book read on Will and Testament, but they were all gone. I rather like the idea of the virtual book club, it means you dont have to do canapes for 10. As one of the few who didnt evacuate Northern Ireland this year, I think a good book would come in rather handy. I was woken about 5 this morning, as all the cars were pulling out of my estate, headed no doubt for nearby airports and places foreign.

Well, my good news for today is that everyone in Ireland is rich. I dutifully followed all of Mick’s blog leads from yesterday looking for a happy story, and found this on Thomas Fitzgerald’s (no relation) site.

Seems with the boom in house prices, every woman, man and child in the Republic is worth about 150,000 euro.

Nice, happy, non contentious.