Bid or the top might get it

Update Auction now CLOSED. The shirt goes to Turbo Paul who beat Penelope with an generous bid of £105 to the benefit of slugger funds. A round of applause for Turbo ladies and gentlemen. JoeCanuck suggests those who enjoyed the auction make a contribution of £5 towards slugger fundsTo win a debate on a thread I purchased this top. Unsurprisingly I have no particular desire to make this a permanent addition to my wardrobe. Therefore, to raise much needed funds for slugger I am putting it up for auction. The highest bid by 7pm tonight will get it and you can do with it what you will (wear it, frame it, jump up and down on it etc). It is a junior top and is for age 13-14. Padraig g says they have none left at O’Neills in Andersontown. Free postage in the UK, all others will be asked to cover the postage. Serious bids only please. No bids and I can’t guarantee the top makes it through the night ;). PS I have been trying to get Mick all day for his permission for this auction but have had no success. So if this auction annoys anyone blame me not mick.