Bid or the top might get it

Update Auction now CLOSED. The shirt goes to Turbo Paul who beat Penelope with an generous bid of £105 to the benefit of slugger funds. A round of applause for Turbo ladies and gentlemen. JoeCanuck suggests those who enjoyed the auction make a contribution of £5 towards slugger fundsTo win a debate on a thread I purchased this top. Unsurprisingly I have no particular desire to make this a permanent addition to my wardrobe. Therefore, to raise much needed funds for slugger I am putting it up for auction. The highest bid by 7pm tonight will get it and you can do with it what you will (wear it, frame it, jump up and down on it etc). It is a junior top and is for age 13-14. Padraig g says they have none left at O’Neills in Andersontown. Free postage in the UK, all others will be asked to cover the postage. Serious bids only please. No bids and I can’t guarantee the top makes it through the night ;). PS I have been trying to get Mick all day for his permission for this auction but have had no success. So if this auction annoys anyone blame me not mick.

  • joeCanuck

    fair Deal

    Just a thought. You might make more money if you had two competing auctions; one where you trash the shirt and the other where you promise to wear it for a day.

  • joeCanuck

    Ooops! Age 13-14. How skinny are you?

  • Animus

    Why didn’t you try Ebay?

    I’d be willing to put a bet on the latter. There would be conditions of course…

  • Stephen Copeland


    … The highest bid by 7pm tonight will get it

    Just in time to put it on the bonfire, eh?

  • game boy

    Next week you could go and get some of the illegal paramilitary & n.i supporters products on sale at the union jack shop on the Newtownards Road and ask the question..

    Why do the IFA allow the counterfeiting of products associated to the organisation ?

    And who is cashing in ?

  • all out

    C’mon, tell us how there’s no link between GAA and republican terrorism again. I really could do with a larf.

  • joeCanuck

    I’ve no desire for the top Fair Deal.
    But to kick things off, I’ll bid 3 pounds if you agree to drop it off at a thrift shop/Sally Ann or whatever in Andersontown.

  • fair_deal

    And we have our first bid. thanks joe. I have three pound three pound bid do I hear £5?

  • This thread does not exist, and is an example of post-colonial false consciousness if it does. There is no connection, either institutional or in terms of its support base, between the GAA and murdering Republicanism. I believe that Indonesian Securocrats made this faux-jersey in their Norn Iron sweatshop [previously Castlereagh Holding Centre]. Look away, look away! My eyes, they’re melting . . .

    I offer a blank cheque signed by Bertie Ahern for it. He’s good for it, honest to God.

  • Stephen Copeland


    … I have three pound three pound bid do I hear £5?

    How much did you pay for it? Or, to put it another way, how much of a loss are you going to make on it if no-one else bids?

    Did you actually think there were 13-14 year olds posting on Slugger? I know some of the posts give that impression, but surely you knew that was just due to NI’s world-class education system.

  • Deaglan


  • Allen R Butler


  • Allen R Butler

    man that was quick, guess I’m out. I’ll submit my five to Slugger anyway…

  • Rory

    13-14 year old, hmmm? Still it might have been an encouragement for me to slim. Unfortunately the first £3 bid from the filthy rich set knocked it well out of my financial ballpark.

  • SlugFest

    Fair Deal,

    may i assume we can pay through paypal (i’m in the states — no way to send you pound sterling otherwise)? I normally do when i make my paltry contributions to Mick/Slugger.

    Okay, i bid 15 pounds + S&H.

  • Eamonn

    I bid 16.

  • TL

    While that is my size (although I think it would be pretty tight around the bust) I can’t imagine wearing that anywhere….those logos would be very precariously placed, if you get my drift.

  • harpo

    ‘Still it might have been an encouragement for me to slim.’


    Try the Bobby Sands class of 1981 plan. You’ll be down to the size of a 13 or 14 year old in no time.

  • Keith M

    “Try the Bobby Sands class of 1981 plan.”

    I see a great t-shirt opportunity. “Tried The Atkins?, Tried The Cambridge? Sign up today for the Bobby Sands Diet”. I bet I’d be able to flog a few outside Ibrox.

  • Turbo Paul

    I would like to bid £50.00 sterling for the shirt.

    I would also be interested in a similar shirt that may depict something from the Unionist perspective if available.

  • Penelope

    alright, since the funds go to help the site I’ll play … £20… would payment via paypal be OK? But you’ll have you ship it my partner in Belfast… for it’ll irritate him to no end… I can just see him calling me ranting why would I buy such a thing and I’ll play innocent and say “But I thought you collected football tops!?!?!?!”

    😉 😉 😉 😉 LOL

  • Penelope

    awww damn…outbid whilst posting 🙁

  • fair_deal

    Now we are cooking £50, do I hear £55.

  • Penelope

    £55… it’ll be a great laugh 😉

  • Turbo Paul

    £100.00 sterling for the safe release of the top.

  • Eamonn

    You crazy?

  • harpo

    Before I make a bid I’d like to know more about the product.

    What material is it made of for example?

    I’m engaged in an ongoing celebration feast commemorating the class of 1981 hunger-strikers killing themselves and doing us all a favour. I’m eating a hot-dog each day from March 1st to the anniversary of the day the skinny f’ers called off their unsuccessful campaign.

    I’d like to know what the shirt is made of as I may buy it to use as a bib to prevent hot-dog and condiment drippings from getting on my clothes. So I need to know if it would stand up to a lot of washing.

    I know that skinny Bobby and the gang weren’t big on being washed, but this shirt had better be if I’m to make a bid for it.

  • fair_deal

    He’s puttinhg his money where his mouth is. C’mon eamon its for a good cause.

  • smcgiff

    Turbo Paul,

    I’ve a bridge going for a knock down price… :¬)

    Fair play to you!

  • fair_deal


    It says 100% polyester. I think you’re just the man to outbid TP.

  • smcgiff


    The bids at £100 – Put away your piggy bank – grown ups only.

  • Turbo Paul

    smcgiff, if that is the bridge to a deal by November then I would take out a mortgage, as would others, I hope.

  • fair_deal

    C’mon Chris gaskin, chris donnelly, Dread cultha, Prince Eoghan etc where are you?

  • smcgiff

    ‘smcgiff, if that is the bridge to a deal by November then I would take out a mortgage, as would others, I hope.’

    To turn the famous joke on it’s head… How about the ability to understand women instead!

  • Turbo Paul

    To turn the famous joke on it’s head… How about the ability to understand women instead!

    I wonder if Miss Fitz has a comment, and a bid??????

  • Turbo Paul

    I have realised that the higher you go up the social scale, the cheaper they get.

    To reflect my roots, I will outbid myself and the new bid is £105.00

  • joeCanuck

    Are Northern Banknotes acceptable?

  • smcgiff

    ‘Are Northern Banknotes acceptable?’

    Only if you run out of bog roll! 🙂

  • Fair Deal


    only the new ones

  • SlugFest

    Can i bid on a date with Turbo Paul? He’d be paying for dinner and the theater tickets, of course.

  • fair_deal


    One auction at a time

  • harpo

    ‘It says 100% polyester.’


    That’s terrible. Not much good for mopping up hot-dog juice.

    I was hoping for a cotton/poly blend.

    It sounds cheap and nasty. About right for a product commemorating terrorists.

  • Turbo Paul

    While we are on the subject of auctions.

    Whataboutery a Northern Ireland Republican and Unionist Big Brother, that see’s Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness, Tom Slab Murphy, David Irvine, Jackie McDonald, Ian Paisley, Peter Robinson, all together in the house, each given a daily dose of Sodium Penthanol, then having to answer viewers questions.

    A sure fire hit.

  • smcgiff

    Not to worry Harpo, there’s something for everyone…

  • harpo

    ‘Harpo…grown ups only’


    Are you implying that I don’t have that kind of money?

    I do, but I wouldn’t waste it on a piece of shite like this.

    I need my money to continue to buy hot-dogs for my celebration feast. The feast is now at day 133 and going strong. Most of the skinny IR fanatics bowed out well before day 80, but iron-man harpo has passed the century mark with no sign of weakening.

  • harpo

    ‘Not to worry Harpo, there’s something for everyone…’


    One of the most satisfying things about forums like this is knowing that you annoyed someone enough that they wasted a few seconds of their life trying to get back at you. Is that the best you could come up with?

    Don’t you like the hunger-strike class of 1981 being mocked?

  • Stephen Copeland


    … hot-dogs … iron-man …

    Hmm, on that diet I think you’d be more of a jelly man. I see you as a bit of a Homer Simpson.

    Seriously though, why did you carry so much hate with you over to Canada?

  • fair_deal

    time test

  • joeCanuck

    Congrats fair deal. I’ll bet that winning bid well exceeded your wildest hopes.
    If I may be so bold, may I suggest that all who enjoyed this diversion send Slugger a fiver anyway.
    Mine will be on it’s way via Paypal shortly.

  • fair_deal


    Congrats on your successful bid. If you can pay by paypal and provide Mick with contact details we will sort out forwarding on the shirt. Cheers


    It did indeed exceed my expectations. The suggestion of £5 donations is a worthy one too but prepare methinks for the sound of silence.

  • Rory

    I see the vinegar, if not the vitriol, from the usual suspects managed to spill bile over even a virtual young teenager’s teeshirt.

    Perhaps the E’s in the diet is to blame.

    God help us all!

  • SlugFest


    I donated 12 pounds … in honor of the twalfth (sp?). three short of my bid, but i’ll make up for it next time.

    here’s to a peaceful, celebratory, open-minded summer.

  • Miss Fitz

    I cant believe I missed a whole day of this by working! I may give up the day job entirely. But I will send a fiver to the coffers in honour of the occasion. I had been sorry I ever got involved in the discussion on jerseys and principles, but it turned out all right on the night

    FD, has anyone ever said you might be just a tad competitive? 😉

  • harpo

    ‘Seriously though, why did you carry so much hate with you over to Canada?’


    The PIRA’s attempt to kill a member of my family, by trying to kill all of my family, is what did it.

    That’s why I don’t like IR terrorists or their supporters. They may try to paint what happened as a war, but it’s horseshit. Much of what they did was plain terrorism. Like the attack on my family.

  • skinbop

    harpo – tell us how you really feel…

  • joeCanuck


    Maybe I’m wrong but you seem to admit that you harbour hatred. What happened to your family was disgusting and an initial feeling of hatred is a very valid human emotion.
    Tell me to feck off if you want but let me tell you my story.
    Almost 30 years ago in N.I. I was badly hurt, mentally and emotionally, by certain people.
    I too felt hatred which I carried around for many years. I too emigrated to Canada.
    A few years ago, while undergoing therapy for a different emotional upset, this continuing hatred emerged. Through self-examination, prompted by my therapist, I came to realise that this hatred, in no way, had any effect on the people whom I hated. The only person suffering was myself!
    I overcame it. If you can somehow change your hatred into a “simple” implacable opposition to the philosophies of those who hurt you and your family, you might feel better.
    As I said at the start, feel free to call this armchair psychologist to feck off.

    Regards, Joe

  • skinbop

    well said JC – had a brother who lived in Canada for a bit. he said they were well into the therapy – even more so then the septic tanks actually.

    but harpo keep on venting and get it out of ye!

  • Penelope

    no silence from me…. I’ll be making a donation for the amount of my first bid… it’s the least I can do to help support Slugger 🙂

    hat’s off to Turbo for the winning bid and FD for a bit of fun!!!

  • Penelope

    Whataboutery a Northern Ireland Republican and Unionist Big Brother, that see’s Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness, Tom Slab Murphy, David Irvine, Jackie McDonald, Ian Paisley, Peter Robinson, all together in the house, each given a daily dose of Sodium Penthanol, then having to answer viewers questions.

    A sure fire hit. – Turbo Paul

    oh hell I’d watch that…

    for some reason the US version of BB repells me yet during both my visits to Belfast this year, January and last week of June, it was on and I found myself transfixed.. and I keep asking myself why?!?! What’s the f**kin difference?? *confused*


  • Donnacha

    Got to better than the Australian version, which saw two guys get sent home for sexually assaulting a female inmate. Ffs, it’s like watching Oz, if you’ll pardon the pun. I’d watch Turbo Paul’s version, but.

  • pete fallow

    I find it hilarious that Harpo is accused of
    harbouring hatred by people who clearly think that not only was the attempted murder of his family justified, but are disappointed that it failed. When it comes down to it, you (the Provo apologists and republican fellow travellers) want to see dead Prods. So spare us the shite about ‘harbouring hatred’. Your own bleeds through every post.

  • Rory

    I fail to see anywhere on this thread any comment from any contributor that could possibly be seen to bear the hateful connotations that Pete Fallow above implies.

    Whatever feeling of paranoia induced such an outburst it is beyond my simple powers to understand.

    But back to the banter – I would like to share with all you Big Brother fans this exchange from a Quiz Night on the current Big Brother in the UK:

    Questioner: Who was the first English monarch to be divorced?

    Aisleyne: What’s a monarch?

    Questioner: A king or queen.

    Aisleyne:Oh…Prince Charles.

    Questioner: Who was the youngest Beatle?

    Aisleyne: Bono.

    But the Steve Wright Show on Radio2 produces this gem:

    Steve Wright: On this day in 1963, how did Valentina Tereshkova become famous?

    Contestant: Was she the first woman to grow a potato?

  • Prince Eoghan


    Here’s hoping for a successfull recovery.


    Great retort, I’m afraid the top wouldn’t have fitted either me or my 6yr old. Great idea at humorous fund-raising though.