Time to stop denying the new culture…

Roy Greenslade has a blog. And it seems that the experience has brought some revelations to him. Not least that journalists “…cannot hope to compete with the speed and efficiency of the net in communicating facts AND opinions”. He implores his fellow journalists to understand that “there is a new culture and it’s time to stop denying it”.

  • Pete Baker

    Well, I’m not convinced that the speed at which right-wing blogs refer to each other is evidence of Roy’s claim – that newspapers are doomed.

    But Roy’s comment on his own post contains a link [or rather a hint of a link] to a more balanced appraisal of the situation:

    Why newspapers are not doomed

    Many newspapers are doomed but others will survive and will continue to print on paper for the medium term, at least. The only successful ones will be successful on the web and, with audio and video, will be much changed. The constant will be that they examine news feeds, provide new material, mediate and present the news and comment their audiences want. One day they may be entirely on the web but they will still be “newspapers”.

  • joeCanuck

    This thesis may be true for large newspapers but local newspapers (weekly ones, at least) will survive I think.
    How else would I know who Mrs. McLeod of Glammis had over for supper last Sunday evening?

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin
  • Pete Baker


  • Pete Baker


    Somewhat self-congratulatory though, Mick? ;p

  • There may be something in what Roy Greensalde says but few blogs break news at the moment and the comment and analysis offered is often recycled, although there are notable and excellent exceptions. I’m a journo and am beginning to wonder if I’ll see out my time in print or whether the whole thing will have moved onto the net in 10 or 15 years. The elephant in the room is that the papers, especially the national press, continue to make an absolute pile of money and no one, so far as I know, has come up with a way of replicating those cash streams with online papers. It is all very exciting but also inclined to induce bouts of anxiety.

  • joeCanuck


    Have you ever checked out pressdisplay.com?

  • Thanks Joe,

    I hadn’t seen that site but have just looked at it a moment ago. It is a great idea and I have seem something similar before. It chimes in with my skillsets, although I would be just as comfortable, I think, doing stuff in an online format…same copy-editing skills apply.

    Best, Ink.