The green and white army gets everywhere

Seen (on the BBC) in the crowd at the World Cup final, just before Italy lifted the trophy.

Click here for a larger version (in case you think I photoshopped it..)

  • Resolve

    FAO Harpo…

    Point taken. Apologies. I agree that longish posts are sometimes necessary (as you can see from my 4 very long ones!)…

    Those comments of mine, however, were motivated more by a perceived tone in your posts as opposed to their length (despite how i worded it)…

    In particular, your cynical response to the flags issue. Anyway, no hard feelings. I enjoy thinking about your perspectives, which is why i am not happy that you have yet to reply to the actual substance of mine.

  • Mervyn

    Yous are a bunch of time wasters go back to your bomb making