SDLP continue anti-Healy campaign

The SDLP seem to have a big problem with honouring Northern Ireland’s top goal scorer David Healy. On the local council they successfully opposed renaming the football pitches of David Healy’s hometown, Killyleagh, in his honour. This campaign against the naming honour was spear-headed by Cllr Margaret Ritchie MLA. After this snub the people of Killyleagh instead had a mural painted in honour of Healy and two other local footballers. As an added bonus, the new mural painted over a loyalist paramilitary mural. Cause you would have thought for some contentment. Cllr Margaret Ritchie MLA doesn’t think so. She attacked the organisers for acting “in a sectarian way” for not inviting her while inviting the local DUP MP and local UUP and DUP councillors. She seemed unaware that two SDLP councillors and a prominent SDLP member had been invited too, none chose to attend.