Republican violence cancels the Twelfth

The violent actions of republicans leads to Grand Lodge to cancel the Twelfth parades.In 1916 that is ;).

  • Henry94

    So, that’s what it takes?

  • It’s interesting to note that Gordon Lucy the Ulster historian who discovered that, is the director of the Ulster Society which…

    Promotes Ulster-British heritage and culture. Publisher of books and booklets on a wide variety of…

    and if you visit the website what do you find?

  • Dec

    Ironic really as nowadays the threat of violence usually ensures parades take place.

  • Ciaran Irvine

    Of course, the republican response is “They would say that, wouldn’t they?”

    For 90 years, the persistent story has been that the Twelfth was cancelled to spare Unionism the embarassment of trying to explain what hundreds of thousands of able-bodied men were doing stomping round the villages of Ulster when they were supposed to be in France.

    It’s taken the OO this long to “discover” documents “proving” it was all really the fault of Themmuns.

    Yeah. Right.