Chalk and cheese

Nevin (thanks!) highlights an anecdote in a Sunday Times comment piece..

The Orange Order met for the first time on Friday with the US organisation the Brehon Law Society. Staunchly pro-nationalist, the society presented the order with a report of what it claimed were instances of anti-Catholic behaviour by the order’s supporters at various parades. What was described as a heated exchange followed, prompting the Rev Mervyn Gibson, former chair of the Loyalist Commission, to remark he’d rather meet with residents of the Short Strand than the society ever again. Ouch!

  • Chris Donnelly

    Don’t worry, Aaron. Coming from that source, I’m sure the Short Strand residents would take that as a compliment.

    Clearly Rev. Gibson and the Orange were expecting a one-way conversation.

  • frank

    Perhaps Gibson could explain why loyalist paramilitaries & the orange order organize paramilitary parades such as the mini 12th parade in East Belfast and then try to cover up and lie about the involvement of paramilitaries, when questioned about their participation.

    Sons Of KAI flute band

    The East Belfast PBFB site has the following comment on the parade in East Belfast last week.

    “It hardly seems a year since last years parade, time goes by very quickly and we started the day off by meeting at the Longfellows bar to parade to Cherryville st. to the uvf war memorial garden to lay wreaths on behalf of the East Belfat Ulster Volunteer Force.”

    I note the comments of a Short Strand Residents Group spokesperson prior to the parade

    “This is not just an ordinary march. It has been taken over by the UVF. This is a UVF parade for County Down and County Antrim. There is an overt paramilitary input within the parade.

    Orange order or uvf ??

    Or both !

  • fair_deal

    Thought this was noteworthy too from the same Sunday times piece.

    Daily Ireland’s cavalier attitude to dead republican martyrs is starting to look deliberate. First it was Wolfe Tone, the founder of the United Irishmen, being referred to as Wilfe Tone. Now Joe McDonnell, the fifth H-block hunger striker to die in 1981, is shown in a picture captioned “Joe Donnelly”. The accompanying article predicts that McDonnell’s legacy will live on, but possibly not in Daily Ireland, which is run by the former Sinn Fein councillor Mairtin O’Muilleoir. Unionists fare no better — Drew Nelson, a leading Orangeman, is described as a DUP councillor.

  • Prince Eoghan

    No wonder the Orangies dislike “plastic Paddies” so much. They do tend to highlight all sorts of uncomfortable incidents.

  • Nevin

    Frank, are you referring to the Annual Somme Parade organised by Ballymacarrett District
    LOL No 6 parade in Belfast on Saturday 1 July 2006
    ? It’s organised by the OO. I don’t know much about the bands taking part in the parade. Is it likely that some of the bands are linked to/identify with a range of paramilitary organisations eg UDA, UVF and RHC?

  • don

    Why would orange lodge LOL 1085 pay a paramilitary band like the Whitewell Defenders to accompany them during the recent parade in East Belfast.

  • jim

    It would be interesting to hear the Rev. Gibson’s views on loyalist paramilitaries taking part in orange marches (as seems to have been the case during the Somme parade last week)

  • tony

    Paramilitaries and their supporters have no right to march through, round or past the homes of those who have suffered at the hands of these killers.

    Any march, deemed contentious should be banned, unless the parade organisers can guarantee that there will be no paramilitary involvement (bands, emblems etc..)